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Summer usually sparks the beginning of occasion season, whether it be weddings, days at the races or christenings, there is always a need to get all glam just cos you can. I am constantly on the scout for gorgeous little outfits that I can wear to my appearances.

A local playground underwent a huge refurbishment and over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending it's unveiling.  I was meeting some of the contestants for Miss British Beauty Curve for the event, so I needed to find a semi-glam dress which screamed chic summer vibes.  I happened across this pretty little thing from Yours Clothing.
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I got to rub shoulders with Labour MP for Croydon North, Steve Reed, Athlete Donna Fraser and the former Mayor of Croydon, Wayne Trakas-Lawlor,

L - R - Me (obvs!) Isha Mrs Croydon Curve, Wayne Trakas-Lawor Former Mayor of Croydon, Kerrie Miss London Curve and Angeline Ms London Curve
L - R - Isha, Angeline, Steve Reed - Labour MP for Croydon North, Me & Kerrie.
It was such an honour to attend the event and see how happy the children were with the new playground. To know that our local community pulled together to support and raise money to redevelop this playground is so refreshing. It really restores my faith in humanity. Giving the children a safe and spectacular new area to come and spend hours having fun is such an important job. Croydon often gets a bad name, but there are some real hidden gems which are worth shouting about, if you are willing to look past all the negativity.

Now...let me tell you about this fabulous 'online exclusive' dress...

I didn't overly accessorise the dress this time, only because the crown was blingy enough but if I were to wear this to wedding, perhaps I would have added a choker like this one below or if I was off the races maybe a wide brimmed sun hat.  I just teamed with my black 'barely there' heels and Yours have a really comfy pair here which I have in white.

The dress has a elasticated bardot style cut which didn't ride up on the shoulder, even when I was dancing round the huge rock!

The dress nips in at the waist and the pleated skirt flares out in a skater style cut. I am 5ft4" and the skirt falls just below my knee.

It's made from a soft jersey-like fabric, lovely and breathable on this warm summer day.

I ordered a size 20 and the fit was a a little snug on the arm but not so much that I would need to size up as the fabric has a bit of stretch to it.  The banding at the waist was not fitted at all.

Rating:  10/10
Would I recommend this? Of course I would this dress is the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe, for all occasions.

Photos by QR Photography

This item was gifted to me for review purposes.  The review above is based on my own opinions of the products and I own all creative content of this post.


Coveted Embroidery from Navabi

This dress had me at the vibrant colours. Navabi's fabulous Manon Baptiste collection has left me gagging I could literally throw every garment in my basket, if only the purse strings would stretch that far...

I couldn't miss out on this beautifully embroidered dress - it's just too...well...me!

OK so let's just get the price tag outta the way...this dress currently retails at £194.99.  Yes it's a lot - but firstly it is a Manon Baptiste dress, that name alone speaks things to me.  It says things like effortlessly chic and understated elegance.  Now when a mere designer's name speaks such wonderful things you can expect their garments to be of a certain calibre and this dress as hoped does not disappoint.

Click the photo below to shop this dress

Just look at it...doesn't it just scream pure summer vibes?

Fitting wise - this is a size 20 and it is true to size - no need to size up or down.  Navabi very kindly offer full measurements of this dress on their site.

The dress is fully lined with embroidered mesh overlay. The design detailing is intricate and full of radiant colours which really look far more vibrant in person (these photos do not do these dress justice, trust me!) It is quite a mature print despite it being a pattern full of flowers and butterflies. Be super careful with the stitching, it could snag easily so be sure to follow the washing care instructions *dry clean only*

It's has a zipper on the side inner seam. It's a full round neck and it has a fitted waist.  The flared skirt flows out from the waist.

I teamed with a simple pair of barely there heels but you could quite easily rock flats or even wedges but nothing too major you want the statement to be the dress.

Rating:  10/10

Potential improvements:   I have no recommendations for improvements on this dress. It's simply perfect.

Would I recommend this? YES if you are prepared to pay for quality then Navabi have exactly what you are looking for.  Everything from the material to the quality of the garment justifies it's price.  Do not be put off by price tags - invest in fabulous quality that will last.

Photos by QR Photography

This item was gifted to me for review purposes.  The review above is based on my own opinions of the products and I own all creative content of this post.


Let's get beach ready with Yours Clothing

Word on the street is it's Summer.  I'm still debating if that's true or not to be honest especially with the recent deluge but here in good ole' Blighty we gotta take what we can get.  We have had some beautiful weather recently and a hot day often makes my mind wander to trips abroad.

I am a proper sun baby whenever the sun comes out you will see me shredding clothing like a lizard shredding it's skin (great visual Kat) OK sorry but you get what I mean, I cannot get naked quick enough! (still TMI Kat) I have bought a fabulous Wolf & Whistle swimsuit recently which was made exclusively for Yours Clothing, it's so pretty I just have to share.  So what does one do when one has a new swimsuit and nowhere hot to wear it? Take a trip to one of UK's sandy shores of course...just to frolic in the (not-so) clear blue sea!

Just so you know....it was FREEZING! See  how much I love you guys, that I risked frostbite for the greater good, all in the name of showing you this swimsuit!

I'm not usually a lover of a halter swimsuit, I often find that the weight of my GG puppies are all too much stress for the neck tie so was a little dubious.  I adore W&W swimwear generally, I have a few pieces from their own collection, but this is by far one of my faves.

I chose a size 20 and it's a perfect fit. I am 5ft 4" not particularly long or short bodied (just pretty average) with a size 38GG chest. The back is quite high it comes up comfortably to just below the underarm which is perfect for capturing my migrated breast tissue (or backfat or under arm boob or sideboob or whatever other fancy name you wanna give it)

The neck tie is really quite supportive of the puppies, I did have a little spillage when running but with such a plunging neckline, what really does one expect!

The leg cut of the swimsuit isn't high, it's just right and it doesn't ride up on the bum (cos no one needs a wedgie at the beach!)

The pièce de résistance for me is the gorgeous floral applique on bodice, it's so simple but really is a beautifully vibrant addition the black.

This swimsuit is available in sizes 16 to 26, click on the photo above to shop this swimsuit.

I am off to Spain at the end of July and I'm hoping to sneak a short beach break in as soon as Andy comes home from Poland, so that means 1 thing as far as I am concerned....SHOPPING! There are some fabulous summer staples available at Yours and I'm gonna give you a little sneak peek into some of wardrobe essentials that will definitely be going in my summer suitcase.


This swimsuit is really on trend with the mesh panelling and it has ruching on the tummy too. The plan is to rock this with this brightly coloured kimono and these toe post sandals. 

Smaller sunnies are hot this summer so I would stray away from the oversized sunnies and go for something like these babies.

One thing that has to stay oversized is your beach bag so keep your eyes peeled for when this nautical bag is available #comingsoon

Summer staple for me is a maxi.  I like to stay dressy of a night time as well keeping cool in the hot summer evenings. I'm often found sporting dresses just like these for dinners out on holipops with a pair of gladiator sandals, I tend not to go for heels in the summer but I am partial to a pair of wedges

Day wear (for when you're not crisp & dipping by the pool in your snazzy swimsuit, that is) has gotta be a pair of comfy and cool linen shorts like these teamed with a loose top just like this one.

All this browsing is making me wish my holipops was coming sooner rather than later but for now I will just have to keep on shopping for more holiday clothes.  I definitely need more swimwear as I tend to spend the grand majority of my holidays in the water.

What summer picks are you loving from the Yours collection? 


Photos by QR Photography

The review above is based on my own opinions of the products and I own all creative content of this post.

That Little Black Dress (LBD)

I love how a simple black dress can create a multitude of different looks just with a little style twist. The Yours Clothing team challenged us to all take the same dress and style it our way. Knowing these girlies, I am sure that every look is going to be seriously unique.

Click the photo below to shop this dress

I was torn between styling the dress for a night out and keeping is casual so I figured, why not show you how I would wear this little black dress both ways!

Leading such a busy lifestyle, I often struggle to find the time to get back home to change outfits so it's really important to find clothes that are versatile enough to be styled from day to night with the addition of a few items.

So here is my first look, the casual weekend day time look.  I went for a more urban grungy look by adding a plaid long sleeve shirt around my waist and kept the feet comfy with a pair of white high top converse.

This plaid top is from Marisota and is a fair few years old, but Yours Clothing love a plaid shirt so here is a alternative shirt option >>  Navy, Pink & White Checked Boyfriend Shirt << but they have so many on offer you can choose whichever colour tickles your fancy.

This outfit would work with any kind of shirt really, even a long sleeved denim shirt or denim jacket like this >> Denim Jacket  <<

Yours have a pair of low rise canvas pumps which would complete the look  >> Canvas Pumps <<

The trumpet sleeve makes it quite unique in it's own right, almost statement enough to rock on it's own but for my evening look I opted to accessorise it up.

Here's my second look, which is way more of an night outfit. This would be perfect for a concert or out for drinks.

I am wearing the "Seductive" harness from Vixen Curves which is still available from their website.  I picked a silver and black clutch to match the harness which is from Simply Be, again a few years old but any clutch would work with this dress. You could even go for a statement clutch in a bold colour for a contrasting look.

These lace up boots are from Yours too, they are sooooooo comfy. I have extremely wide calves so getting these boots to fit round them is a huge achievement.  The heels aren't high and the soles are cleated so they're super grippy.  You can grab yourself a pair here.

The dress itself doesn't have a lot of shape in the body, so I nipped in the waist with a simple elasticated belt.  

The trumpet sleeves are really cute and very on trend this summer. The upper sleeves of this dress are very snug, I actually had to size up in this dress to a 22, as the 20 was too tight on the bicep. By sizing up the dress fitted looser on the arm and there was definitely more give on the tummy area. The neck line of the dress is a V-shape, not particularly low either. The trumpet flares out from just above the elbow.

The length of the dress without any belts or anything tied around my waist comes to just above the knee on my 5ft4" frame. Adding a belt or anything of the like will cause the dress to rise up a little, so for my taller friends, perhaps consider going belt-less!!

I'm so excited to see how the ladies style their dresses, why not give them a cheeky little follow and perhaps you might be inspired by their looks.

I am really interested to know how you would style this dress too, why don't you show me?

Photos by QR Photography

This item was gifted to me for review purposes.  The review above is based on my own opinions of the products and I own all creative content of this post.


My Body My Rules; Introducing OBD Clothing

Finding decent activewear as a plus size woman these days is a hell of a lot easier than it was a few years ago. Don't get me wrong, it's not a piece of cake or nothing, it's still a ball-ache trying to find leggings that stay up when I jump or a sports bra that doesn't eventually try to pierce my heart with it's underwire, but there is definitely more choice out there with more brands widening their size ranges.  

Hollie of Pretty Big Butterflies suggested I check out OBD Clothing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they too had chosen to extend their sizes up to a size 28 with their new Curve range.  

OBD offer a range of gym apparel mainly tees and vests at the moment. They start from a size 10 and go up to a 16 in their regular range but their Curves range starts from an 18 and currently goes up to a size 28.  They appear to want to extend their range further if the demand is there too, which I think is a really positive move.

I go through a lot of activewear, many t-shirts are too heavy to workout in, especially the ones with catchy slogans on them, so it's nice to have a lightweight and breathable tee that will keep me cool during a class.

Sizewise I ordered a 20 and it's a great fit for me, lovely and loose on the arm and not to clingy on the tummy. 

I teamed it with these awesome distressed joggers from Yours Clothing which unfortunately are no longer available.

The slogan I chose is "My Body My Rules"  This phrase is crucial in my opinion to living a "zero fks given" lifestyle and in the fitness industry especially as a plus size girl I think that's really important. The looks I get when I tell people that I am a +BOOSTfit fitness instructor are priceless. Some just look at me with a "yeah right and I'm the Pope" look others do the whole, "but you're not exactly fit" thing. The best one is the pitiful look that I get as if they think I'm lying. The thing is you cannot judge my health or fitness level just by looking at me. This body is strong and capable of some amazing things, I don't exercise to lose weight, I exercise because I enjoy dancing, it makes me happy and that boosts my mental health as well as improving my fitness. I never wanted to conform, I've never been one to stick to the rules. We were born to be unique and this t-shirt really reinforces that fact. So I wear it and shout even louder, it's my body and I will do with it whatever makes me happy.

Why don't you head on over to OBD's website and check out some of their other slogan tee's and if there is something that tickles your fancy you can use my discount code KAT20 to score yourself 20% off at the checkout.

Overall Summary:  I love this t-shirt, the fabric is breathable and it's super lightweight.  I like the ability to pick the colours of your tee's for a fully customised feel.  The slogans are catchy and positive which is refreshing in this ridiculous culture of shaming others for fun.

Rating: 9/10

Potential improvements: More body posi slogans, introduce crop tops and vests into your curve range and if you ever branch into full activewear, hook a sister up!!

Would I recommend this?  I would thoroughly recommend these tee shirts to any one looking for activewear that is not restricting and doesn't leave you feeling hot and sweaty.

Photos by QR Photography

This item was gifted to me for review purposes.  The review above is based on my own opinions of the products and I own all creative content of this post.


Amber Riley: Steal Her Style with Yours Clothing

In my opinion Amber Riley is an utter babe and totally one of my celeb style icons so clearly it was a given for me to pick this chick to "steal her style."

When someone has such serious style it's kinda hard to pick just one style from Amber's wardrobe. 
So I've picked a couple of looks and have found you guys similar items from Yours Clothing so you too can look as awesome as Amber.

The Casual Look
Khaki Jacket//White T-Shirt//Wet Look Leggings//Oversized Scarf//Tote Bag//Open Toe Heel Boots
I love this outfit, I would be seen wearing this ensemble of a weekend or a casual night out. You can shop Amber's style using the links above and you can pick up this entire outfit for just over £100.00!

The Daytime/Red Carpet Look

Pink Skater Dress
If the arms on this Sienna Couture dress were just a tad longer, this dress would be identical to the dress Amber is rocking.  I have this dress in other colours and I love dressing it up with killer heels for a day event.  You can pick up this dress using the link above for just £25.00.

So all in all you could be blazing up the style trail like Amber in both these outfits for under £150! That's a bargain in my books!

Which Celeb style icon inspires you?


Introducing Quiz Curve - Pink Bardot Tunic Style Dress

I adore Quiz Clothing's evening wear range and have always looked at their standard size fashion wear range longing for them to just extend their sizes to accommodate us plus folk. So when I heard that they were launching a #Curve range, I knew that I had to try a few pieces out.  

I could have literally added the entire collection to my basket, just through sheer love at first click but this pink bardot cut tunic style dress caught my eye first.

In Quiz evening gown world I fit comfortably into their size 20, so I stuck with what I knew and drew for the same size in this dress.

The dress is a pale/dusky pink shade and it's made of 100% polyester. It has a bardot style neck line, with 3/4 length frill detail sleeves. The front bow detail is purely aesthetic. As it is a tunic style dress each side is split.

Ok so let's talk about the sizing and fit of this dress in a little more detail shall we...
Firstly the size was accurate in my opinion. If I had've sized down to an 18 it would have been too tight and restricting whereas as a size 22 would have been far too big.  Measurements wise I sit between an 18 and a 20 so if you are like me I would suggest you opt for your higher size. The dress itself doesn't have a structure to it, it hangs freely. There's no under-layer.

Lengthwise this dress measures just under 80cm long.  I am 5ft4" and this dress sits just above my knees.  The dress has two deep splits on either side of the garment which makes for more of a shirt style.  The deep splits are quite revealing. It was super windy when I took these photos, rendering the outfit marginally indecent in a sudden gust of wind.  Hilarious for any onlookers - not so funny for my dignity!

The bardot neckline is fully elasticated so would easily fit to either larger or smaller shoulder widths. In the stock photo, the sleeves appear full length with a the cuff falling at the wrist but when I tried this on it only seemed to stretch to 3/4 length.  The frill cuffs are also fully elasticated.

I styled this for a spring/summer occasion with matching platform heels. You could easily style this differently, perhaps with a pair of flat sandals for a picnic in the park, or even with jeans and heels for an smart/cas girly night out.

This dress retails for £26.99 and is available to buy online.  
The dress is stocked from a size 18 to a 28 and is available in both this colour and a powder blue.

Overall Summary:  I still love the style of this dress. I was disappointed that the dress didn't have much of a structure or shape. The colour is quite pale in comparison to the stock photo. I like the fact that the dress/tunic is versatile.  I plan to style it with jeans next time to see if I prefer it as a top. As the first product I tried from the Curve range I am eager to try more from the collection.

Rating:  7.5/10

Potential improvements:  Perhaps the addition of some structure to the dress so it has more of a shape to it. Slightly less of a deep split, to protect your modesty on windy days ;-P

Would I recommend this? Yes. The dress is beautiful and would be a perfect addition to your spring/summer wardrobe. Invest in a decent strapless bra to get the full bardot effect or where a complimentary coloured bra with straps visible if you prefer.  If you are taller than say 5ft6" you may struggle with the length of this and prefer to wear this solely as a tunic.

Photos by PK Photography

This item was gifted to me for review purposes.  The review above is based on my own opinions of the products and I own all creative content of this post.