The One Item Challenge with Yours Clothing

The One Item Challenge with

Yours Clothing challenged me to take one statement item and style it three ways.

With party season round the corner I chose this pretty little lace shell top in the hope of showing you three ways to wear this for varying types of Christmas parties/gatherings/shindigs.

The Office Party look

Although this is technically a top, there's nothing stopping you rocking this a tunic style dress with a pair of thick black tights or even a pair of leggings. Team it with a pair of heeled bootees (alternative option here), a clutch of your choosing and some statement earrings too.

Drinks out on the town

This outfit is a little more "club" than sophisticated shindig and I like to show a little thigh.  I'm not a big tights kinda girl so I love a mini, but this one is a little on the short side.  Yours have a fab alternative (which is longer) here.  I was desperate to show you my gorgeous new boots in this season's fave autumnal colour; burgundy.
Burgundy stretch heeled boots
Just look at them, they are so comfy. These are available in a "EEE" fit so extra wide.  I have a slightly wide foot so these are lovely a roomy. The heels are thick so they give good support, comfy enough to dance the night away!

Team Meal

For that more casual occasion, teaming this top with a pair of black skinnies and a pair of sparkly heels (alternative here) makes for a perfect outfit.  Not too cas, just enough sass to still be occasion-worthy.

I'm sure there are many other outfits that could be created using this statement top.  I would love to see how you would wear this, why don't you post it on Instagram and tag me in it...


Written in collaboration with Yours Clothing UK as part of #BETHEBLOGGER

Yours Shapewear - my honest review

I am a self confessed shapewear fan - for some folk it's not their thing and I do admit that it's a little like marmite to be honest.  Finding shapewear that isn't so restrictive that breathing becomes an issue is quite hard to come by and whilst good shapewear comes with advantages they unfortunately get their share of disadvantages too.

Today I'm gonna show you a slip dress from Yours Clothing.

I'm a fan of shapewear that allows you to wear your own bra as ones with a built in bra often don't fit well enough to provide the desired support.  This piece fits just underneath your own bra, so any size any style any colour of bra it doesn't matter as this piece just fits around it.

Size wise I opted to size down to an 18 in attempt to pull everything in.  In my opinion, I wear shapewear to create a smooth silhouette around my hips and waist and to smooth the line of any visible dip created by my undies.  I don't necessarily wear shapewear to hide or remove my VBO (visible belly outline) I accept that I have "Mya" (Yes - I named my pouch after Small Child) so it's futile trying to eradicate it, it's part of who I am and it's not likely to go anywhere.   This is advertised as "firm control" which honestly could be a lot firmer.  I would probably class this as more of a medium control, it's not restrictive in any way but does smooth out the lines enough to create a somewhat smooth silhouette.  
Lengthwise this comes to about mid way down my thigh (about 3/4 inches above the knee) 
I am 5ft 4"  so for anyone taller than me they may struggle with the length of this.  The bottom of the slip doesn't have any silicone lining to help stop it rolling up, so unfortunately it does creep up throughout the day.  The slip has fully adjustable straps and the straps are thin enough and the back low enough to wear with a cami style top.

Rating:  Overall - 7/10

Potential improvements:  I would suggest either adding a silicone lining to the base of the slip to prevent the roll up situation or even create little hot pants/shorts with poppers (for easy toilet access) which would completely prevent the roll. I would also consider making the support of the fabric stronger as it is "firm" control.

Would I recommend these?  Yes, totally. It's not perfect, but it is functional.  It holds me in enough to wear under a body con dress.  They retail up to a size 28 and you can size down comfortably. 


Written in collaboration with Yours Clothing UK as part of #BETHEBLOGGER