I too, love the world we live in and the protection of the one world we inhabit lies in our hands alone.

Climate change impacts pretty much everything we love about our world, so in addition to doing your bit to help like recycling or reducing your emissions, how about joining together with nearly 4,000,000 other people and signing the petition that will be put forward in a matter of days to World Leaders at a summit in Paris, in an attempt to make them see that we (the world) have a voice and we want real change not Climate Change.

190 nations will be gathered at the summit to negotiate a new binding deal to reduce rising temperatures.  This is a monumental opportunity for us to have our voices heard....

It's #OursToLose  - let's protect the things we love <3

Boohoo Plus Monochrome Illusion Dress *Review*

I'd always want to see whether the "illusion" was as impressive in the flesh so when I spotted this dress in Boohoo's Plus range, I grabbed it determined to see what all the fuss was about.

Illusion dresses are meant to create the impression of an hourglass figure, using contrasting colour panelling.

I wore this to the Miss Supranational, UK heats, where I was supporting my sister queen, Emily who was competing. She looked sensational and I'm so proud of her.

Sorry I'm digressing...back to the dress...

The dress is a fitted bodycon style with a semi halter neckline. This dress calls for a strapless bra in my opinion. You could totally rock it with a strapped bra but the straps would be clearly visible.
It falls just below the knee on my 5ft 4 frame.  I'm wearing a size 18 in this dress. I personally feel that Boohoo sizes are generous. I am between and 18/20 and this dress fits me comfortably.  It's designed to be a snug fit.

It's made primarily of polyester but has 5% elastane too so it has a bit of stretch to it.

The main colour of the dress is white, but there is black panelling on the front of the dress down each side to create and hourglass shape illusion.  The back of the dress is entirely white. It has a small split in the back and a fully concealed zip.

I styled this with my black velvet waterfall blazer which was gifted to me from +Scarlett Jo and one of my favourite pairs of shoes from +Simply Be  and of course a strapless +Wonderbra UK & shapewear from +Primark

You can still buy this dress online here >> BUY THIS DRESS <<  
It's currently selling at £22.00 which is a bargain in my opinion.  
It is available from a UK size 16 to a UK 24.

Overall Summary: I love the concept of an illusion dress, but I'm not quite sure Boohoo have got it entirely right with this one.  The dress is gorgeous, but not a full illusion and that defies the object in my opinion.

Rating: 7/10

Potential improvements: I think if the primary colour of the dress was black with just a front white panel, I think the illusion would be better.  So the back would need to be in black. Otherwise I like the cut and style of the dress.

Would I recommend this? Yes I would recommend, the value for money is good and it's overall a lovely dress, just not much of an illusion!

Hair & MUA: Kat Henry
Photographer: PK Photography

These products were sent to me for review purposes. The review above is based on my own opinion of the product and I own all creative content of this post.

In search of uplift...Curvy Kate Cascade Set *Review*

After many years of wearing ill-fitting bras and being told by various “professional” bra fitters on many different occasions that I was a 44DD for so long you could imagine my confusion when Hannah from Curvy Kate measured me to a 38GG.  She seemed to know my size from just looking and at first I doubted her – that was until I tried this bad boy on!

The fit was unlike any bra I had ever tried.  The middle was flush against my breast bone, my boobs weren’t spilling out of the sides or the underwire wasn’t cutting into the side of my boob and what’s more – I had some serious cleavage going on.  Hannah told me that if I continued to lose inches (through BunnyHop) I may need to drop the back size but go up a cup size to a 36H and true to her word, that is my current size.  I bought this set in a 36H and Size 18 shorts.

I was fitted on a whim in Evans on Oxford Street one evening and I had not been in a position to buy on the day, but I fell in love with the colour of the Cascade set in “Topaz”  So when I saw that Curvy Kate had a fantastic offer of bra sets for £20 at Style XL I could not help myself.  I picked up this set and another in black and a few pairs of undies from the £1 a pair bargain bucket!

The bra has a gorgeous diamond shaped embroidery on the cup with an adorable little droplet jewel in the middle. The material has a elastane feel to it, but it's a soft laminate so it feels silky smooth.

It gives fantastic lift and for me that's a big plus. Since having a bubbs my boobs just lost their perk so anything that gives me a semblance of the once known perkiness was always gonna be a winner in my eye's. No "four-boob" going on and no side spillage! (Some serious official terminology there!) The straps are fully adjustable.

The shorts are made of the same material as the lower part of the cup and even feature the same embroidery and  droplet detail. My bottom half is by far the biggest part of me and I often opt for a size 20 in most undies so for my sizeable ass to fit into a CK size 18, the shorts must be a generous fit.  
This set is available NOW at Brastop and there are BLACK FRIDAY deals reducing many lines to £14 (Go Check it out!!)

Just search for "Cascade Topaz"

The balcony bra was £29 now only £14 & the shorts were £15 now only £8  It's such a steal make sure you take a look-see!

The style is also avail in a jade colour "Pixie" same cut but it's still full price :(
The sizes of the balcony bra (Product code: CK3601) range from 28-40 in a D to K cup and 42-44 in a D to G cup.
The shorts (Product code: CK3603) range from an 8 - 22
There is also a thong in the same sizes but thongs don't really do it for me!
Overall Summary: This set makes me feel confident and sexy. The quality is brilliant, the set washes well too.
Rating: 8/10
Potential improvements: I would've preferred a slightly higher waist on the shorts, but that's just preference.
Would I recommend this? Yes I would totally recommend being fitted by Curvy Kate. Their designs are gorgeous and girly. Perfect for day to day wear and pretty enough to rock in the bedroom too!


Hair & MUA: Kat Henry
Photographer: QR Photography
These products were sent to me for review purposes. The review above is based on my own opinion of the product and I own all creative content of this post.

It's been a year!

One WHOLE year since my +Ms Curvaceous UK audition.

That's where I got on this roller coaster...and I'm not looking to get off just yet (I'm enjoying the ride way too much)

I just thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my notable successes, y'know the good shiz!

OK so as you know, even though I auditioned for MCUK I didn't make it through to the top 20 finalists.  At the time I was kinda gutted...no...I was a lot gutted I won't lie!  BUT every cloud has a silver lining so to speak. This is where it all started, when I was made an Ambassador for MCUK instead.

Q: What even is an Ambassador anyways?
A: I didn't know either - don't worry, but it has proven to be so much more than I anticipated.

Q: Oh yeah?  What did you get out of it?
A: Cheeky one aren't ya conscience! I got a lot out of it thank you very much!  I got the chance to do my first catwalk at the Ms Curvaceous UK Finale. The ambassadors got to open the show!  I have had the chance to meet future applicants and talk to them about my experiences and mentor them. I went to London Fashion Weekend with MCUK and some of the finalists. It gave me a foot in the door to the industry. It allowed me to meet so many beautiful and inspiring women along the way from the ladies I auditioned with (many of which are still good friends to this day) to my fellow ambassadors; these ladies are my rocks and I simply cannot live without them. The 20 finalists are a bunch of talented young ladies, they inspire me constantly, each of them have been successful individually, it makes me so proud and I am honoured to call them friends. Meeting the budding applicants is so refreshing to see all the emerging talent, it's an exciting community to be part of right now. Not to mention all the focal people from the industry too & brand exposure.

Other notable successes;
  • Modelling for some fantastic brands such as; Simply Be, Lisa Riley's "Just Be You" range for Figure 8 Clothing & Scarlett & Jo.

  • Being named as a Face of Curve It 2016
  • Signed as a model to Model XL
  • Blogging & event photography for some fantastic events like Style XL, Model XL pageant, Curvy Con, Miss Plus Size UK, Big Beautiful Wedding Expo.
  • Becoming a regular Curvy Kitten for BGP.
  • Winning the Scarlett & Jo #Selfie Competition.
  • My blog being nominated for "Best New Blog" at the British Plus Size Awards.
  • Presenting the award for "Best Swimwear Range" to Simply Be at the British Plus Size Awards.
  • Watching our brainchild; "The Rubenesque Effect" bloom.

  • Being involved in many charity events for fantastic causes as Ms Surrey Curve 2015.
  • Being featured on the Daily Mirror and various other websites/online mags.

  • Becoming a Brand ambassador for House of Hair UK & Polly Grace Clothing

  • Being interviewed for Lovedrobe's blog.
  • Having the opportunity to work with some fantastic Photographers such as Petros Photography, Tendai Pottinger, Chiara Aprea & Velvet D'Amour.

  • Having my blog posts published on other blogs such as Simply Be's blog; SB Edit & Style XL Online.

  • Becoming involved with my sponsors Louise Bunny Hop & Styled by Susie.

  • Featuring in the local press and being a guest on a local radio show.
  • Being crowned Ms British Beauty Curve 2015

There are more things that I have done over the last 12 months and each one has been a fantastic achievement for me, but these for me have been my highlights.

I couldn't have done any of this without your love and support, so my thanks and gratitude goes to everyone who has been there with me for any part of this journey.  Thank you for pushing me and inspiring me to do better.

I make my pledge to give another 12 months to the cause of inspiring others to fulfil their dreams and goals.  I want to make a difference to someone, I want someone to say, "Kat, because of you...I did this..." 

That's my goal!

So here's to a fantastic year and raise a glass with me to another one ahead.


Boohoo Plus Floral Print Skater Dress *Review*

+boohoo.com very kindly sent me this dress to share with you.  

This gorgeous floral print skater dress from their Boohoo Plus range is one of my fave dresses from last season.  It's still available online and is currently on sale at a mere £16.00.

Available sizes: UK 16 to UK 24

Click here> >BUY THIS DRESS<< to grab this bargain now!!

This dress is definitely more of a warm weather number, but there's no reason why you couldn't team this with some flesh coloured tights and closed toe nude court shoes to rock it through autumn/winter.

I'm not a big tights girl, so I generally favour bare leggedness - regardless of how much frost bite I'm suffering with!

This dress I was sent in a size 20 and I find Boohoo run true to size.  At the time when these photos were taken I was closer to a size 20 than an 18, so now, it's a little roomy but that's not a problem in my opinion.  

The sleeves on the dress are not tight fitting, they're quite loose and the top half copes well with my size 36H chest, no overstretch or taught fabric.

The material has elastane in it, so it has quite a bit of stretch and it's weight is not light, it's quite similar to scuba dress type material.

Length wise it sits just above my knee on my 5ft 4 frame and the skater dress cut pulls me in at the waist and flares out creating a very flattering fit.

I don't feel that I have to wear shapewear with this dress, so that's always a big plus point for me!

Rating: 10/10 based on the item I tried on.
Potential Improvements: Make it available for larger sizes.
Would I recommend it?  Yes, it's a beautiful dress and in my opinion a lovely quality for a bargain price.


Hair & MUA: Kat Henry 
Photographer: QR Photography

These products were sent to me for review purposes.  The review above is based on my own opinion of the product and I own all creative content of this post.

Throwback to the 50's with Lil' Miss Vintage

The Rubenesque Effect ladies had the pleasure of having our last shoot's outfits sponsored by 
We thought we would give you a little review of the gorgeous dresses we were given...

Price: £40 
Available Sizes: UK 8 to UK 24
This dress truly is delightful! I wore a size 20 in this style. I am between sizes 18/20 so the 20 was roomy on me, but I would say this runs true to size. The colours were gloriously eye-catching and the cut was flattering to my curves.  The bow on the waist is for feature only, but the cut of the dress does cinch in at the waist to create an hourglass figure.  The material has a stretch to it, it's a cotton and elastane mix.  It can be worn with or without a petticoat but the skirt has a beautiful flare to it.  There is a small triangle keyhole cut out at the neck to add a little reveal.  This dress makes me instantly feel girly and adorable and I cannot wait to wear it again!

Daniella wearing the Amelia Pink Floral Swing Dress.
Price: £40 
Available Sizes: UK 8 to UK 24
Dani said; "I had the pleasure of wearing the Amelia Pink Floral Swing Dress with the white petticoat. As soon as I slipped it on I felt like I had transformed into the perfect 1950s housewife. The fit was perfect and sat well on all my curves. I loved the extra detail on the bust area and with the array of different colours on the floral pattern it was easy to accessorise with different coloured jewellery or heels. The dress wasn't restricted for me to move in and flowed how a swing dress should do. Definitely a thumbs up from me." Dani was wearing a size 18.

Price: £40 
Available Sizes: UK 8 to UK 24
Claire said; "I absolutely loved my dress, the fit was perfect, it pulled me in at the waist and really flared out so it gave me a really nice shape.  I love the colour; cornflour blue, my favourite and it made my eyes pop!  It's such a classic dress, polka dots are always a winner, I'm so happy with the dress and so happy I got to keep it! :)" Claire was wearing the Size 20.

Price: £35 
Available Sizes: UK 8 to UK 24
Kirsty said; "I was very lucky and really happy to wear a Lil Miss Vintage dress. My dress was not only beautiful, but such lovely quality fabric too! Usually getting the correct size is so hard to get right when ordering online, however I was so pleased and impressed that as a size 16 lady the '16' dress I ordered was a perfect fit!  It has a back zip as well as an elasticated panel, which along with the halter neck tie meant that even a larger busted girl, such as myself, could wear this dress comfortably.  The full skirt really gives that wow factor and the overall shape & length is so flattering! 10 out 10 from me!" Obviously Kirsty was wearing as size 16.

Sian is wearing a cupcake print of the Swing dress.
Unfortunately this print is sold out. There are similar styles available in their clearance sale in varying sizes.
Check the website for availability.

Sian said; "I love a dress with a great pattern on, and I was over the moon to receive the Cupcake dress. It's bright, fun and beautiful.  It's a halter neck with a sweetheart neck line which is super flattering on a fuller busted female.  It has a think black band around the middle to emphasise a small waist, which if you wanted to nip in the waist a little more with a waist cinching belt to boot, you definitely could!  The skirt is a full circle one and looks just as amazing on it's own as it does with a petticoat underneath for more volume! I felt super girly and pretty in this gorgeous dress and oh so vintage!" Sian was wearing a size 22.

I think you would agree that all these dresses look fabulous on the ladies and we cannot recommend Lil Miss Vintage enough.

Check them out!


The Kurve Kit; The Keys to Confidence - Episode 1 Part 1

Introducing "The Kurve Konfidential series" Brought to you by The Kurve Kit, showcasing 5 fierce women who want to share their experiences on subjects such as building confidence, self love, body positivity and acceptance. It would mean the world to us to get your feedback, so please subscribe, like, share and/or leave a comment. Let us know what you think...

Kicking off the first series of The Kurve Konfidential, we have Episode 1 Part 1 - The Keys To Confidence. 
We focus on two main questions,
1. When did you start to love your body?
2. Describe a time you lacked body Confidence.

We hope that this will invoke some responses from the community to share their own stories with us, or even inspire someone to speak out about their issues and tips to overcome them.

So here are the 5 ladies involved;

Kurve Kit Creator, Blogger, Curvesome Yoga Ambassador, Stylist, Vlogger
Instagram https://instagram.com/thekurvekit/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kurvekit
Blog: https://thekurvekit.wordpress.com/
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Tanya Brannan
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Michelle Carter
Plus Size Blogger, Model
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Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Dazzle_Divine
Blog: https://myfatandi.wordpress.com
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Judi Love
Comedienne, Actress, Writer, Vlogger.

And me of course!! (but I'll skip the intros)

Big Thanks to our Creative Director & editor Likwid Design Solutions

We hope you like our first episode and can't wait to share the next one with you too...