Coastal Scents Palette "Revealed" :) *Review*

This palette is so versatile; it features a selection of both shimmer & matte shades which can create both subtle daytime looks as well as dramatic smokey eyes.

Many people have compared the shades in this palette to the Urban Decay Naked & Naked 2 palettes, claiming that Coastal Scents have managed to recreate rather viable dupes for many of the shades.  Unfortunately I haven't got either of the UD palettes to compare but I'll be honest I have seen many other blog reviews and from their swatches I would tend to agree.

I had been searching for a neutral palette that packs a punch in terms of pigments and variation of colours.  This baby does not disappoint!

You can pick up this palette directly via the CS website for a very attractive price; $19.95 (currently on sale) or even through Amazon for £25.00 with free delivery!

The outer cardboard packaging mirrors the palette; displaying the same image, the palette itself was wrapped in bubble wrap for added protection :)

CS didn't name the shades which in my opinion is a real shame. So I have numbered the shades for ease.

Numbers 1, 4, 5, 7, 11 & 17 are all matte shades.
All the other numbers have a shimmer to the shade.

I will try and describe the colours for you below;

1 - Matte - Beige
2 - Shimmer - Nude/Pink
3 - Shimmer - Dusky Pink
4 - Matte - Taupe
5 - Matte - Mushroom
6 - Shimmer - Mushroom
7 - Matte - Light Brown
8 - Shimmer - Light Copper
9 - Shimmer - Dark Gold
10 - Shimmer - Silver/Gold
11 - Matte - Black
12 - Shimmer - Grey/Silver
13 - Shimmer - Brown
14 - Shimmer - Rose Gold
15 - Shimmer - Pewter
16 - Shimmer - Red/Brown
17 - Matte - Dark Brown
18 - Shimmer - Dark Silver
19 - Shimmer - Bronze/Dark Gold
20 - Shimmer - Bronze

Here is a look I created using only this palette.  I used 7 as a base.  I layered 8 into the inner corner and smoked out using 13 & 11.  I used 4 and a dash of 2 as a brow bone highlight and finally 2 in my inner duct.

I added a splash of colour by adding +MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Lipstick lined with Cork lip liner.

I love this palette, it does make me wanna go by the UD Naked palettes just to see if they do dupe as easy as everyone says!  Honestly though, if you are looking for a good collection of nudes & shimmer shades then this baby is just the ticket!  I'm actually dreading hitting pan on this one!!

Have you tried this palette?  What did you think?  


It's not always easy to keep the smile on your face, but I always try to find those little things that can help brighten my mood instantly.

When I am down I try to find the good out of the situation. I am a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason."  We may not understand that concept fully and many people say that thinking like that is easier said than done especially when life has thrown you a crap hand for so long.

I agree, but I like to think that in every situation there are multi options, we chose whichever route seems best at the time.  It may be the case that that route is actually more of a detour or diversion on the intended route but it will bring you out to the same destination none the less, although it may take a little longer. Kinda like a curve ball. You may need to make a series of decision detours to end up at your desired destination but life is what ever you want it to be. Only you are in charge of your own destiny, so why not spend your time looking for the good and positive things rather than allowing your inner demons to drag you down.

You can and will get though whatever life throws at you.

You are strong, resilient & worth more.

Hey, the situation you just threw my way...yeah that sucks but I refuse to let it beat me down. I will do better.

I leave you with one thing...


In times of darkness you could try and find the light at the end of the tunnel by yourself but if you need a hand to help you through...I am here!

You may not know me but I would love to know you and I may not be able to fix your problems, but I can be an ear to listen or a friend if you need me.

Just drop me a line...

...I never want you to feel like you are alone in this world... so please know that you are not!

Sometimes just talking it through with someone or venting can be a help so rather than dismiss it entirely...why not try it? What have you got to lose from talking about it?


Guest Post: Romantic to Seductive by Jasmine from @ColourUBold

Ahhhh the Day of Love!!! Yes ladies it’s that special day again, time to put on your fiercest outfit, put on that red lipstick and sizzle the night away with your lover man OR with the girls!  If you're like me and you don't won’t to be stressing over makeup and clothes all day long well me and the lovely Kat got you covered! Yes we got some serious makeup and fashion looks just for this special day and night!
With my looks I decided to go with an easy day to night look! To me Valentines is an all-day affair so I love keeping it romantic in the daylight and fierce in the nightlife.
Romantic Day Out

Whether you're out and about with your girls or having brunch with your man this outfit and make-up look will keep all eyes on you!

What's more romantic than a gorgeous rose print blouse PLUS this blouse has lace, adorably sweet! I kept my accessories simple and dare I say totally cute with this gold statement necklace!  I love height so these gorgeous fuschia pumps added that extra pop I needed for this super sweet outfit.

Rose gold Make up Look with a Nude Lip

Step 1: Prime your eyes and put Gold Eyeshadow all over the entire lid!

Step 2: Add a rich burgandy or marsala color from the middle of the eyelid out to the outer corners.

Step 3: As a transitioning color on your crease add a beige or dark brown matte shade according to your skin color. Blend it out girls!!!
Step 4: On the outer V add a deep chocolate brown color and blend into the crease.

Step 5: Use a black eyeshadow and create a line along your lash line as if you are making a cat eye!  Smudge it upward for a semi smokey effect!
Step 6: Use that gold eyeshadow as your inner corner and browbone highlighter.

Step 7: Add the rich burgandy or marsala color that you used earlier on the middle part on your lower lid.
Step 8: Add that same black eyeshadow on the lower lash past the the burgandy and connect it to the black smudge eyeliner you created on top! Blend the lower lash colors out for that gradient effect!

Step 9: Pop on some lashes (or not) and a nude lip gloss with a hint of pink and your off for your romantic day out!

Ready to Rock the Night Out!

I like to be versatile with my looks so if you are in a rush and need a good outfit and make
up inspiration for that sultry night out or in (whatever floats your boat) this look is the one for you! 

In a rush; keep your jeans on and add another top and some cute heels!

This red shirt is so comfortable and its not so tight that you can't dance the night away with your girls but not to loose that you guy can feel your gorgeous curves! You can also wear it off your shoulder to show some extra skin but still keeping it quite modest (well if you're like me) Pair it with a gold necklace for that extra oomph! Put on a nice pair of black booties and your ready for that fabulous night out!

Sultry Eyes and Glossy Red Lips

No time to change your make up look; add a wing and you’re good to go!

Ok this will be super simple if you got the first look down!

All you have to do is create a cat eye with your fave liquid liner. I love going for a winged eye when I'm in a rush and need to get out the house so by adding this to your Romantic Rose gold make up look it gives it that added sultry appeal!

Deepen the crease with a black or deep brown eyeshadow and blend it out! This gives you a more intense eye look that draws the attention up to your eyes.

Add a red lip and we all know what a red lip does to a woman's make up...TOTALLY SULTRY BABE! 

I hope you enjoyed my Valentine's look and I hope you all try it out! I know, I know all the men will be knocking on your door but hey I warned ya!

I enjoyed creating these two looks with Miss Kat! Head on over to Color U Bold to check out her fabulous look! I mean this girl got some serious styles and the most gorgeous curves EVER! I would so love to wear her gorgeous black sultry outfit, let me tell you IT IS SEDUCTIVE, makes me wanna jump outside my comfort zone with my own fashion!!!

Check me out

In the Comments
What will you be wearing this valentine, Romantic or Sultry?!?

Ms Curvaceous UK 2015 Grand Finale

What a night! The vibe was buzzing and so were all the models, eager to get out there and flaunt their curves on the runway.

We had a long day ahead of us, filled with rehearsals with the legendary Reuben P. Joseph, hair & make up with the MCUK Glam Squad and costume changes provided by the awesome sponsors; +Simply Be , Rosie Red Corsetry, The House of Dynasty Viviana Collection, Eldimaa Fashion and many others.

You could feel the nerves in the room but none of those nerves made it to the catwalk. The girls walked with poise, confidence and attitude!

Reuben is a brilliant choreographer; he oozes style and confidence and has a walk that all the girls envied. Over the last few months he whipped each of us into shape, he was tough & strict but his methods worked and he transformed each of the girls from Bedroom Divas to Catwalk Models in such a short space of time. Without his knowledge, expertise & intricately precise choreography this show wouldn't have been possible.

Behind the scenes the MCUK Family were hard at work preparing & maintaining calm through a sea of chaos. I'd like to take this time to thank every single one of the family & stylists for their hard work in the lead up to & on the night; you made this all possible and your efforts are appreciated. Theo, Melyssa, Valerie, Leon & everyone else; we thank you, you guys rock!!

MUA extraordinaire; Lien Vy brought her A- Team to make up the MCUK Glam Squad of talented MUA's, Hairstylists & Stylists enlisted to make our girlies look fabulous! Thank you to each of you for sharing your talents with us & making us look gorgeous!  If you are looking for a stylist then make sure you contact Lien Vy of Seventa Image, she will hook you up!!

The event was covered by a whole host of digital media excellence; but here are some notable mentions; Carlo & Francine of Doller Crem'e, Duchess, XOCubic, Wolf Media, Dan K Photography, Petros Gilazgi, Josh Daniels Pictures.

The venue was bubbling with excitement as the show began... 

It was such an honour to share the stage with all of the finalists their pictures do not do them justice; they are by far more alluring in person and such big kind hearted women too. Every single girl was simply beautiful and poised to perfection. Any one of them could have stolen the crown. All my fellow Ambassadors looked sensational as always and we all thoroughly enjoyed strutting in our gorgeous gowns down the catwalk.  The previous contestants also took the stage, all us newbies watched in awe as the pro's sashayed down the runway.

The performances by UK based artists Che Lingo & Asia Love were awesome.

The panel of amazing judges; including; Miss British Beauty Curve; Emily Blake, CEO of SLiNK Magazine; Rivkie Baum, CEO of Evolve Magazine; Rianne Ward, Stunning Model; Jada Sezer & gorgeous & inspiring Model & presenter; Sabine Gruchet had their work cut out for them in choosing one of these lovely ladies...

As the top 5 finalists were announced; (Hannah, Netsai, Serena, Pippa & Cerise) we all waited eagerly in the wings to hear the final result...

Top 3; Serena, Netsai & Cerise

It was anybodys' crown all of these ladies deserved it..

Finally...The wait was over and Cerise was crowned Ms Curvaceous UK 2015.  Her aunt ran on the stage and jumped on her in excitement, knocking poor Cerise to the floor (as if she wasn't bowled over enough!)  She has a huge year ahead of her with many opportunities lined up. Make sure you watch this space for an interview with her once the news has sunk in!

The night was a huge success and I cannot wait for the next contest...Make sure you register your interest now for Ms Curvaceous UK 2016 via the website.

2015 is gonna be a busy year for us Ambassadors, many things in the pipeline and I cannot wait to work with this group of intelligent, beautiful & inspiring young ladies.

If you missed the event don't worry, there's always another party...just don't be foolish enough to miss another!!

Did you attend? Do you have any pictures to share??

You can see a selection of my photos here

Calling all Size 12+ Curvy Ladies....

Ms Curvaceous UK​ have opened the registration for #MCUK2016.
Are you a Curvy female?  Size 12+?   Have a keen eye for fashion? Want to inspire women to embrace their curves?
If you think you have what it takes to be crowned Ms Curvaceous UK 2016, contact me for more information :)
Or register your interest here...

I'm sure you have a tonne of questions, so please feel free to contact me :)

Check out my VLOG from the Audition day right here >>>>

Ms Curvaceous UK - Ambassadors Photo Shoot with Petros Gilazgi

Here's a few candid photos, selfies & behind the scenes pics of our photo shoot on 19/01/2015

Photographer: Petros Gilazgi 
MUA & Hair: Verona Miller & Kirsty Huntley & All the girls individually.
Official photos will be released at a later date.

Find out what the ladies thought of Petros...

Kat says; "Petros is an extremely professional & approachable photographer, he made us all feel comfortable & knew how to make us look amazing.  His vision clearly works as the images are awesome, plus he is a lovely guy, love him!!"

Aicha says; "Petros was really friendly & took time to make sure we had the perfect pose.  He gave excellent feedback.  I really likes his aura!"

Claire says; "Petros was great, gave good direction, was patient and knew how to position us to get the best picture"

Sian says; "Petros was very professional whilst making you feel comfortable at the same time. Fun to work with, friendly & uber talented."

Daniella says;" Petros made me feel at ease, gave good direction and has a calm manner about himself.  Great photographer and a pleasure to work with."

Ms Curvaceous UK - Ambassadors Dinner

Meeting the Ambassadors for the first time was kinda daunting. I guess meeting up with people for the first time always is. It felt kinda like a first date; I put my glad rags on, hair & make up did, teetering about in heels, butterflies inside but oh so excited.  I was eager to see the girls in person. We had spoken before but would be nice to put faces to names.

We met up in Leicester Square for some pizza. All the girls were stunning; striking looks & vivacious personalities to match.  We talked for hours, ate lots & really got to know each other. Unfortunately not everyone could make it to the dinner but that's fine cos we had our Ambassadors Photoshoot scheduled for the following day.

It was quite surreal, as a group we made quite an impression. We got a lot of stares from fellow dinners and staff and a few people even asked for selfies with us & add us on Instagram, some asked if we were famous & to be honest in that small moment it kinda felt like we were.
All round I had a great evening and I cannot wait to work with these ladies soon.

*Review* MUA Lipsticks

If you were to delve into my make up collection you would probably assume that (quite rightly so) I am totally in love with +MUAcosmeticsTV products. Their lipsticks are no exception. 

I initially started building my MUA lipstick family over a year ago.  At the time I had never worn a bright red lippy so I thought that I would ease myself in with a reasonably priced one rather than dishing out for an expensive one.  By first purchase would have been Shade 13; a gorgeously daring red.   I had picked it up from Superdrug at a steal of a price; just £1!  What a bargain!  The texture had quite a creamy consistency, far thicker than I had imagined for the price and I must admit, with it being such a low price I hadn't held out much hope.  I was blown away by the quality. The colour was highly pigmented & it had a gorgeous vanilla scent.  I imagined that it would dry out my lips but it was quite the opposite. My lips felt lovely and moisturised.  The staying power of the lippy was the only downfall, but when it only costs a pound you can reapply to your hearts content.  The packaging caught my eye, on the rack they looked far more expensive than the price tag.  It was only when I got home that I realised that the bottom of the lippy had a sample pot screwed into the bottom, This is quite a novel quirk, I'm not entirely sure what it was designed for, but it's a cool feature in my opinion.

I had instantly fallen in love.  So much so that the very next day I set my self a mission to buy every shade they offer.  Superdrug always seem to sell out both online & in store so quickly, so I haven't completed my collection, but it's a work in progress.

I would thoroughly recommend these lipsticks.  They are extremely good quality & impeccable value and the shades are beautiful.  There are definitely some which are not the best colours for me, but that won't stop my buying them all!

You can pick up these babies at ANY +Superdrug store, online via their website or via the MUA website directly.

Shade 1


Shade 3

Shade 7

Shade 8

Shade 9

Shade 13

Shade 16

Shades from left to right; Shade 16, Shade 13, Shade 9, Shade 8, Shade 7, Shade 3 & Shade 1

Have you got any of these lipsticks, what do you think of them?