Style XL was more than just a girly weekend away, it was a like chicken soup for the soul.

+Leah XL Channel did a fantastic job of organising a weekend jam-packed with more love, positivity, fashion and plus sized babes than you can shake a stick at!  The success of this event is a true credit to her hard work, commitment and dedication and I cannot thank her enough.

I totally over packed for the weekend, but we all knew that was gonna happen!  My outfit of choice for Saturday's day event was this slinky maxi dress from +Simply Be and I had packed enough to do multiple outfit changes throughout the weekend.

The room within The Paragon Hotel met the needs of the event perfectly, enough space for comfort and plenty of stalls showcasing an array of plus size fashion, jewellery, lingerie, accessories and much more.  So many fabulous brands under one roof; +Yours Clothing+Simply Be,  +Chubby Cartwheels+Rosie Astbury+Curvy Kate+Scarlett Jo  +Bon Prix, Topsy Curvy, Munroe Knows, What They Said, +Apples and Pears Clothing many of which had items on the catwalk.

The models on the day were fantastic.  It's always so refreshing and liberating to see plus size fashion modelled by women of all shapes and sizes.  I am so proud to call these ladies friends. For some, it took a lot for them to get up on the runway, but you couldn't tell from their faces; once they set foot on the stage, their confidence was radiating from their smiles.   I spent most of the day behind my camera, but that didn't stop me from modelling my +Simply Be Maxi for them. It was such an honour to get up there and strut my funky stuff for my favourite brand, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Major props to every single model who took part but there were some models who stood out for me the most and I would love to just take a minute to mention them - Tanya  - EVERY outfit you rocked, you owned that catwalk, I'm so proud of you, T!  Janet, you are beautiful and you were amazing, never doubt yourself, so look up every time, don't be shy you ROCK! Chiara, Mama you are defo a model muse for me, you command every catwalk with poise and confidence!  Sam - you are such a babe, you just oooze sex appeal and confidence on that runway, I heart you baby girl! Amee - I know you have struggled with wanting to do catwalk again - but in my opinion you are a natural, I would love to see you up there again!  Sian -You make me so proud - to get out on that stage in a bikini and werk it like you did, it makes me smile.  You're a fantastic model.  Sara - you were my model of the day - Your confidence grew throughout the day with the ultimate moment being when you rocked the Curvy Kate lingerie.  You looked amazing and it was such a proud moment to see you up there strutting your stuff.

Whilst the models were undoubtedly stunning there were a bunch of women  who stole my heart over this weekend.  My blogger girlies never fail to brighten my day.  Spending time with these women all under one roof is almost as good as a giant ice cream sundae with sprinkles and sauces and wafers and honeycomb and with doughnuts on the side....almost!

As we all come from all over the country it's always a treat to have us all together, these women over the last year have stood to be some of the warmest hearts and kindest souls I have ever encountered in my 31 years.  These women are not only beautiful but they also have such inspiring stories to tell not to mention their impeccable fashion sense.

 Selfies just had to happen;

Having met some of these girls at Curvy Con earlier in the year, it was like catching up with old friends, that's what affirmed it for me that with these women although we had become fast friends, they were likely to be lifelong friends, sisters almost - women who I plan to share many an adventure with.

Sarah is my pint size bundle of joy, her smile is radiant and she's the always up for cuddles.
Getting to FINALLY meet Leah in the flesh was awesome.  Her video's do not do her justice she is doubly beautiful face to face. She was the first blogger to accept me into the community by collaborating with me and she is also my agent, so this selfie was long overdue.
I didn't get to take a selfie with Nikki or Charli but I made sure I got a photo!  Nikki looked gorgeous in this blue dress and her laugh is so infectious.  Charli is totally my girl crush, she is not only stunning but she is such a gorgeous women inside too.  I'm so glad she's up for nomination with me for"Best New Blog" at the BPSA's.
Georgina is what my daughter would refer to as my "blogger goals"  She is who I look up to most in the blogosphere.  Not only in the fashion world but also on the beauty blogging side of things.  She's got some mad makeup skillz I can only drool over!   She is also hilarious in person, her sense of humour is right up my street!
Lottie is also up for nomination with Charli & I for "Best New Blog" She rocks on so many levels, she's funny, gorgeous and loves a boogie just like me...This woman is MY KINDA GIRL! 
Debbie, (Lottie's Mama) is a diamond, it was her first time meeting us and we made sure she felt welcome.  She's raised one amazing woman!
Daisy takes us all under her wing, she is the one we all look to for positivity and is always brimming with empowerment.  She is such an inspirational woman and she's also used to live in my hometown - that's earns her mega brownie points in my book. 
Kathryn of Murder of Goths is a total sweetheart, she had pre printed our illustrations and gave us all a print.  I was so speechless all I could do was mumble "thank you's" repeatedly.  She is so talented and has a heart of gold, I am honoured she took the time to illustrate us all.
Hayls - my South African sister from another mista is also up for nomination with, Lottie, Charli & I.  This girl is simply hilarious, she takes no crap from no body, I love this about her.  She has the most gorgeous feline eyes I have ever seen and that hair! Oooh weeee!

Ever since I blogged about Sara earlier in the year I have been looking forward to meeting her.  This woman has been through so much and her story really touched me, she is an amazing mother and a truly beautiful soul.
Vicky is a beautiful girl, every time I see her she always greets me with the warmest hugs, she's such a bundle of happiness you can't help but smile around her.
Sam is another girl crush for me, she is drop dead gorgeous, but sometimes I wonder if she knows just how beautiful she really is, both inside and out. 
Becky is simply beautiful her complexion is flawless and she too just like George knows her make-up! She's a girl after my own heart.  She also has the most impeccable wit - I am yet to find someone to top her!
Nikee is a fabulous beauty and she rocked the catwalk, she helped me before I hit the runway and her advice really calmed my nerves, I'm so grateful.
Amee is such a babe, she is 1,000x more stunning in person than her photos.  I wish we could have spent more time chatting.
Caroline is simply stunning and has a figure to die for!  She is a proper mother hen to us girls, she gives us her time and shares her expertise with us every time tirelessly. 
Debz - our beautiful queen, this women is by far our cornerstone. She has been a focal member of our community and someone who I look up to.  She has the kindest heart and the patience of a saint!  Plus she gives the best cuddles!

Some photo highlights of the weekend;

Kathryn, Leah & Claire with Yours Clothing/ Hayley, Hollie, Katie & Nancy modelling Scarlett & Jo

The Models in the Simply Be Collection/Group photo after the workshops on Day 2

Leah & Gifi Fields of S&J

The Bon Prix ladies

 Charlotte of +Simply Be & I

 My bestie Nathasha & Mary-Louise
 #TRE representing; Claire, Sian & I

A selfie with my girlies :)
 T's face kills me every time!

  Selfie's with Miss British Beauty Curve 2013; Elena & 2014; Emily <3

 So many blogger babes in one pic!

 Huggles & Gropage :)

  Me & My Bestie :)
 The outfits from Day 2

 Vicky & her lovely other half

Debz & Lucia rocking some mouthwatering skirtage!

I will do a separate write up of Model XL - The Body Positivity Pageant that filled Saturdays evening entertainment.  Too much amazingness to share!

Sunday's outfit was simple - a black bodycon from +Roman Originals - Ladies Fashion & Women's Clothing Store 
teamed with black platform court shoes.

Sunday was filled with workshops to promote confidence, wellness and positivity.  Curvesome Yoga gave a fab presentation whilst a jewellery making session took place and Daisy spoke from the heart about her top tips for loving yourself unapologetically.

All in all the weekend was fantastic and it made me realise just how much I love being part of this amazing community.  I have never felt so accepted and welcomed.  For anyone that has not experienced a plus size event like this, I would strongly recommend it - you will instantly feel at home and leave feeling ten feet tall.


When life gives you...Wingz™ *Review*

So the lovely team at Wingz™  were kind enough to send me a gift or two to review. Before I stumbled across a Twitter feed of a fellow blogger I didn't even know these babies existed.

Wingz™  are a fantastic alternative if you have a dress/top that you just cannot wear because you are not a huge lover of your arms being on show or if you love a top but it's cold and you wanna wear an extra layer.

I generally do not mind having my arms on display and I'm not a huge lover of a long sleeved top/dress so wearing these felt a little weird at first but I can totally see the advantage. 

Both these sets were a size 2X which to be fair for my size 18/20 frame and 36H bust these fit perfectly but the arms were a little loose. I should have perhaps sized down.  The band is elasticated so there is tonnes of give, so sizing down perhaps would have made the arms a little less baggy.

You could quite easily slip these under a dress or vest top to add an extra arm layer.

I tried the black set on with my ASOS Skater dress and I loved the fact that it made it look like a completely different dress!

I would thoroughly recommend these Wingz™ to anyone who wants that extra layer or wants a simple way of covering your upper arms without the need for a cardi.

You can find these and other designs here on their website

*These items were sent to me for review purposes only - all opinions are my own*

Boohoo Plus Bloggers Breakfast

I went to my first bloggers brand event today. Was quite honoured to be invited alongside; Georgina, Lucie, Hanna, Chanel, Rachael, Katie, Danielle & Michaela.

We had been invited to have some breakfast and sample the new line which is due to launch in September.

The spread looked delicious and I was famished so after tucking into a cinnamon danish, I got down to business on trying on some of the new line.

Most of the items displayed were a size 16 and most of the girls that attended were over that size, but Georgina & I decided to get the ball rolling and try something on...why not eh!?

Georgina tried on a sparkly jumpsuit and I tried on this gorgeous plum coloured bodycon.  I was quite surprised to see that it actually fit!  Ok so it was a lot tighter than I would usually try on but I could comfortably wear an 18 in this.

I tried on a few other items and the girls were hilarious, we even took some #Crelfies!!

We got a little goody bag to take home and a little gift too :) Winning!


It was oodles of fun spending the morning with the Boohoo ladies and these blogger babes. Can't wait to do it again.