About Me

I'm Kat Henry and you have just stumbled into a little slice of my life.

Photographer: QR Photography
I have kept a diary since the age of 9, so I see my blog as an extension of that. I'm no stranger to putting my life out there on the internet, I was old skool! Back in the day I had a LiveJournal, a couple of MSN Spaces and even a MySpace!

I refuse to be pigeon-holed into a certain genre, so I have made this a lifestyle blog.  You will find a dash of everything here; I talk about all things that I love or feel passionate about; music, family, beauty, fashion, food, wellness & anything else I see fit...well it's called "The World Through Kat's Eyes" for a reason, right?

So here's a few things about me that you should know...

  • I have a 14 year old Daughter; Mya (I'm a young mum, I had her at 17)
  • I've been with my other half Andy for 11 years
  • I'm allergic to Vodka (no...seriously!)
  • My 3 biggest fears are; dentists, drowning & snakes
  • No pets (We recently had to put our best friend, Sensi to sleep, she was 15 and not a well pup)
  • I'm partially deaf in my right ear.
  • I am truly Kat by name, Cat by nature - I can fall asleep in a nano-second and in any position (perhaps even standing)
  • I snore
  • I have sung since the age of 3, I come from a musical family.
  • I sing at weddings.
  • I have won many a karaoke competition!
  • I'm a denture wearer.
  • I studied Musical Theatre at the BRIT School.
  • I have a full time day job, I work as a Credit Controller for a Global Legal Practice in the City.

This year has been a total roller-coaster and since my dental reconstruction I haven't stopped here's some of my notable successes...

Ambassador for Ms Curvaceous UK
Model signed to Model XL
Founding member & model for The Rubenesque Effect
Face of Curve It 2016
Nominee for "Best New Blog" at the British Plus Size Awards
BGP Curvy Kitten
I am Ms British Beauty Curve 2015

I started this blog to inspire other people who are struggling with self-acceptance.  I am big advocate of the fact that every Body is beautiful regardless of their shape, size, weight, skin tone, sexual orientation, ability or anything else that makes us unique.  As long as you are happy & healthy that is all that matters and if you are happy then I am happy. 

I hope you enjoy this, it's a passion of mine and I am really glad you stopped by....stay a while...