A couple of milestone markers for you...

26/11/2014; marked my 2 month New Smile anniversary! I am doing well, little/no pain these days.  I get the occasional sore spot but other than that I have really settled into my new gnashers.  Now I can start counting down to the 6 month marker when I go back to the dentist to get my permanents done.
The choices I made to fix my smile have done nothing but boost my confidence tenfold.  I love my smile, where I have hidden behind a closed mouth smile for so many years it is so awesome to be able to laugh and smile and talk and....sing without fear of judgement!

28/11/2014; Today was my last day at my work place.  Mixed bag of emotions, I will miss my colleagues & my clients a lot but I am so excited to be closing that chapter of my life to turn a page on a new challenge. 
Things seem to be looking up for me and I am really looking forward to 2015.  It's got promise!!

Feature on The #Beauty & #MakeupJunkie Daily

Special mention & thanks to +Lizza Monet Morales (xoxolizza) for the feature on her paper; 

The #Beauty & #MakeupJunkie Daily

She very kindly featured my previous article The "Not So Secret Santa" Swap, a collab with +Leah XL Channel in the Arts & Entertainments section.

I'm super humbled by this mention - thank you very much, I'm honoured.

Please make sure to check out Lizza's paper, her features are relevant and make for an interesting read and she's a beautiful lady to boot!

Get involved; 

The "Not So Secret Santa" Swap

I contacted Leah XL of Style XL yesterday in the hopes of enticing her into a collab and much to my surprise she accepted!

We have agreed to do an Xmas Swap including;

1 High End Item
1 Item I couldn't live without
1 Organisation Item
1 Cute Item
1 Accessory
& 5 Drugstore products

I am so excited about this swap and especially cos it's Christmas soon and I love giving gifts. It's really filling me with Christmas Cheer :)

I popped out yesterday to buy her High End item and managed to grab a few of the other bits too.  Leah's style is quirky & unique and she's got a keen eye for a bargain so I hope she enjoys my "Not So Secret Santa" Box. 

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading Leah's blog, bought tickets to her event; Style XL or watched any of her videos you're missing out. Get acquainted!!

We have agreed to send our parcels on the 8th Dec so the unveiling videos can be up during the festive period, so watch this space....

The Pressure to be Perfect

Has anyone noticed how bitchy girls are these days? Especially teenagers; I have a 13 year old daughter and over the last few years I have really experienced some unacceptable behavior in young ladies and it got me thinking, where is this coming from?  What are we breeding here, a bunch of self-loathing, ill-mannered & downright nasty people that’s what.

I believe this really stems from one main thing which is imposed on children from such a young age; The Pressure to be Perfect.  These impressions last a lifetime and are extremely hard to shift once the seeds have been planted.

We are not promoting self-worth or love or acceptance and confidence but pushing these young children to be something which in my opinion is damn near impossible; Perfect!

What’s wrong with teaching children to love themselves a bit more, accept their imperfections and learn to praise each other rather than criticise?

These feelings don’t stop after puberty; that pressure continues into adult life.
I met a group of empowering, strong, beautiful women over the weekend and since we met we instantly clicked and have decided to try and stay in touch.  We have set up a group chat on Whatsapp and it really is like therapy because they all have stories to tell and support to offer and for once it is nice to find women who don’t judge and are all struggling with various problems yet they can offer advice to others rather than mean words. 

I am a real advocate of trying to be the best version of me possible and live in the here & now,  I am on a journey and the road may lead in many ways – I’m just gonna enjoy the ride!

Let’s spread the Love rather than Hate and communicate before it’s too late!

Teach that to your babies… it’s free and the gift is priceless!

Ms Curvaceous UK 2014 - Vlog

What an AMAZING day!

I was petrified to be going alone to something like this, having never done anything similar before.  I went with no expectations and an open mind and I was welcomed by a brilliant team of organisers; Streamline Empire headed up by Theo; a very engaging entrepreneur who made us all feel instantly at ease.  In the 4 years of operation this year gave way to the first Plus Size modelling workshops and in my opinion it was a wonderful idea.  Wonderfully executed, the workshop was entertaining and informative and gave us tools and an insight into the Plus modelling world and left us wanting more.

It was so refreshing to walk into a room of ladies and not be faced with judging looks and bad attitudes.  Each one of the ladies I encountered was beautiful and inspiring and most of all approachable. The fear of what was to come was palpable in the air, we were scared but after sharing some stories and chatting to each other the fear ebbed away just leaving a group of gorgeous & curvaceous ladies with one common goal; to be a plus size model.  It did not once feel like a competition or casting, it was relaxed and enjoyable at every stage.

Why not take a look at my Vlog of the day...