When life gives you...Wingz™ *Review*


So the lovely team at Wingz™  were kind enough to send me a gift or two to review. Before I stumbled across a Twitter feed of a fellow blogger I didn't even know these babies existed.

Wingz™  are a fantastic alternative if you have a dress/top that you just cannot wear because you are not a huge lover of your arms being on show or if you love a top but it's cold and you wanna wear an extra layer.

I generally do not mind having my arms on display and I'm not a huge lover of a long sleeved top/dress so wearing these felt a little weird at first but I can totally see the advantage. 

Both these sets were a size 2X which to be fair for my size 18/20 frame and 36H bust these fit perfectly but the arms were a little loose. I should have perhaps sized down.  The band is elasticated so there is tonnes of give, so sizing down perhaps would have made the arms a little less baggy.

You could quite easily slip these under a dress or vest top to add an extra arm layer.

I tried the black set on with my ASOS Skater dress and I loved the fact that it made it look like a completely different dress!

I would thoroughly recommend these Wingz™ to anyone who wants that extra layer or wants a simple way of covering your upper arms without the need for a cardi.

You can find these and other designs here on their website

*These items were sent to me for review purposes only - all opinions are my own*

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