Illustrations by Murder of Goths


Kathryn (or MoG as we call her) is one hell of a talented lady and when I spotted her illustrations popping up all over social media I secretly longed to see what I would like at her fair hand.

When she tagged me on Instagram with this illustration I was beside myself.  Utterly flabbergasted that firstly she would even consider drawing me and secondly at how amazing it actually was.  She really managed to capture me.  Even if you hadn't seen the original photo, it wouldn't matter cos this illustration, even with minor detailing is a fantastic portrayal.

I was in love, so much so that I asked for a commissioned piece.

That's when she blew my mind with this...

I actually cried when I saw it for the first time.  I had never felt so beautiful as I did that very moment and for MoG to be able to recreate that effortlessly made my heart melt.

You can check a fine selection of Kat's artwork over on her Instagram below
& contact her directly for commissioned pieces at fantastic prices.


Or check out her Blog here >>>Murder of Goths

She also RedBubble store where she is selling some pretty neat gifts like a tote bags, mugs and notepads all displaying her fantastic designs.
Check it out...

Have you seen Kat's PS Blogger illustrations?  Which is your fave??


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  1. Oh Kat, this is such a lovely post, thank you! Of course I had to draw that first illustration of you, I already considered you a friend and I adore you xx


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