Pretty Lingerie sets from Primark


Primark have really stepped up their game with regards to catering for larger cup sizes recently. Since the introduction of their D-F cup range I have seen the line evolve.  It started with drab everyday wear bras that you wouldn't really want to wear and fit was completely off. Now they are offering a wider range of bra & knicker sets in an array of gorgeous styles and colours and it is far more appealing to the eye.

Now I'm not saying the fit is perfect, it's not by any stretch and they would do well to invest a little more time into improving the cut of these bras but it's positive that they have started to incorporate aesthetically pleasing designs for the well endowed ladies.

Here's my newest addition;

Now this bra is a 38F and it came in a pack of 2 bras for £9.00, The knicker set is a size XL which is an 18/20, again this came in a pack of two for £4.00.  I haven't worn the all pink set just yet but they are the same style. 

Overall Summary: Both sets are a lovely style and perfect for everyday wear and also in the bedroom.
Rating: 6/10

Potential improvements: The cut of the bra is not perfect, it's not the best fit but it's adequate for the price. Why stop at a 38? Why stop at a F cup...bigger sizes all round I say!
Would I recommend this? Yes purely on value for money for everyday wear.

Hair & MUA: Kat Henry
Photographer: PK Photography
The review above is based on my own opinion of the product and I own all creative content of this post.

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