Plus Size Skater Dresses from Want That Trend - Modelled by The Rubenesque Effect


We at #TRE HQ had the pleasure of modelling some gorgeous dresses for Want That Trend at our #TREPicnic photoshoot.  Now you may be thinking who are Want That Trend? Don't too. That was until +Lottie Moor reached out to me telling me about this primarily straight sized brand who had just launched an extended range up to a size 24.  I was intrigued, I share Lottie's sentiments in the fact that whilst I wish this range didn't stop at a 24, it is a positive thing that they have extended their range into plus size, without raising the price tag at the same time.  

You can read Lottie's opinion right here >> *New Brand Alert! Introducing Want That Trend*

We were sent five skater dresses to showcase in our shoot and I couldn't help but want to throw together a little review for you ladies to let you know all about this fab new collection.

The sizes start at a size 8 up to a size 16 in their standard ranges, however they have extended some of their outfits up to a size 20, with a small selection available up to a size 24.  The dresses available on the website are made up of an array of beautiful vibrant colours and floral prints, many of the dresses are made of a thick scuba material with quite a bit of stretch in the fabric.  The have many skater style dresses and body cons and even a few maxi's.

I asked the #TRE ladies and our gorgeous friend Kimberley to give me their opinions on the dresses they each wore.  Here's what they had to say...
Claire wearing Aliza//Size 20//Height: 5ft 10"//Photographer: Freddie Onadeko (c)
Claire said; "Loved the colours of the dress, the blue really made my eyes pop. The quality of the material was very nice and I liked the shape the dress gave me, however, the dresses are far too short for anyone over 5'7 really.  WTT should think about doing a range for taller women then I think a lot more people would by their dresses"

Sian wearing Tanya//Size 22//Height: 5ft 11"//Photographer: Freddie Onadeko (c)
Sian said; "Although the dress is too short in the leg and the body for my own comfort level being 5'11, it is a beautiful dress! The colours are vibrant and you really stand out in it.  The fabric is a scuba material so it hugs you just the right amount and is very flattering.  I would most likely save the dress for winter and wear some thick tights and boots with it to brighten up those dull days!"

Daniella wearing Jayne//Size 18// Height: 5ft 5"//Photographer: Freddie Onadeko (c)
Daniella said: "I adored the cut of the chest area, it didn't show off too much cleavage. The colours complimented my skin and eyes. The material had a nice feel. The only negatives is that I felt the puff of the dress made me look bigger than what I was and that even at 5ft 5 I felt conscious of how short it was at the back. Overall a lovely dress but needs to be made longer."
Kimberley wearing Julie//Size 20//Height: 4ft 10"//Photographer: Freddie Onadeko (c)
Kimberley said; "The dress hugged my curves and made me feel very girly, the skirt length was perfect and the material was soft and breathable. A definite for every wardrobe."

...and last but by no means least....

Kat wearing Cavalier//Size 20//Height: 5ft 4"//Photographer: Freddie Onadeko (c)
Overall Summary:  I personally wish that I could own every single dress on the website.  The dresses have such eye-catching prints that are perfect for Spring/Summer occasions.  The scuba fabric is light-weight and cool.  I like the fact that even though this dress only retails at a mere £22.95, the quality of these dresses outweighs the price tag.  The cut is complimentary to the figure, showing just enough cleavage and accentuating the waist.
Rating:  7.5/10
Potential improvements: I echo the sentiments of the other ladies, even at my height, I am conscious of the length of the dress.  A little extra length in the body and the skirt would make this dress a winner for me.
Would I recommend this? Yes without a doubt, the prints are gorgeous and if you don't mind showing a little thigh, then these dresses will be right up your street.

Hair & MUA: Models Own, Hair for Kat - Mya Henry
Photographer: Freddie Onadeko
These products were sent to me for review purposes. The review above is based on our own opinions of the product and I own all creative content of this post.


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