Coveted Embroidery from Navabi


This dress had me at the vibrant colours. Navabi's fabulous Manon Baptiste collection has left me gagging I could literally throw every garment in my basket, if only the purse strings would stretch that far...

I couldn't miss out on this beautifully embroidered dress - it's just!

OK so let's just get the price tag outta the way...this dress currently retails at £194.99.  Yes it's a lot - but firstly it is a Manon Baptiste dress, that name alone speaks things to me.  It says things like effortlessly chic and understated elegance.  Now when a mere designer's name speaks such wonderful things you can expect their garments to be of a certain calibre and this dress as hoped does not disappoint.

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Just look at it...doesn't it just scream pure summer vibes?

Fitting wise - this is a size 20 and it is true to size - no need to size up or down.  Navabi very kindly offer full measurements of this dress on their site.

The dress is fully lined with embroidered mesh overlay. The design detailing is intricate and full of radiant colours which really look far more vibrant in person (these photos do not do these dress justice, trust me!) It is quite a mature print despite it being a pattern full of flowers and butterflies. Be super careful with the stitching, it could snag easily so be sure to follow the washing care instructions *dry clean only*

It's has a zipper on the side inner seam. It's a full round neck and it has a fitted waist.  The flared skirt flows out from the waist.

I teamed with a simple pair of barely there heels but you could quite easily rock flats or even wedges but nothing too major you want the statement to be the dress.

Rating:  10/10

Potential improvements:   I have no recommendations for improvements on this dress. It's simply perfect.

Would I recommend this? YES if you are prepared to pay for quality then Navabi have exactly what you are looking for.  Everything from the material to the quality of the garment justifies it's price.  Do not be put off by price tags - invest in fabulous quality that will last.

Photos by QR Photography

This item was gifted to me for review purposes.  The review above is based on my own opinions of the products and I own all creative content of this post.


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  1. Kat you look amazing!!! Seriously, this dress is stunning and you look so elegant in it!

    C x


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