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I know it doesn't look like it when you look outside but I really do believe we are in for a beautiful summer. I adore the summer months, the sun gives me all the warmest of fuzzies. 

As much as I would prefer to live in a country where summer sun is guaranteed, those dreams are a little out of reach for now. So, I will take all the sun I can get here in the UK.

The promise of Summer means holiday season is just a sniff you're gonna need many options in the swimwear department.

Let me tell you all about - Did you know that they offer swimwear designs for many sizes catering up to a UK size 26.  

Black Swimsuit // Blue Pour Moi? Swimsuit
Good supportive swimwear is hard to come by, but the "Oceanus" swimsuit by Miraclesuit is fantastic choice.

There are many women who consider swimwear shopping impossible, for some the thought of bearing their bodies is completely out of their comfort zone.  Many women are still on their own personal body journeys and are not ready to venture into the realms of bikinis and instead search for swimwear that makes them feel good. For some that may be searching for a swimsuit like this one.  

Oceanus is designed to flatter the body shape and its tagline offers to make you look 10lbs lighter!  Now to be perfectly honest - the tagline actually didn't entice me in the slightest. I don't wish to look any lighter, I wish to look supported and be comfortable whilst sunning myself on the beach. However many actually want a suit to flatter and contour their shape and if that your goal than Miraclesuit has you covered.

The suit is ruched in a zig zag pattern of different fabric layers across your tummy which is a common illusion to create a more slimming design.  I must admit, it does visually look fantastic and if your tummy is a problem area for you, then this will be right up your street.

The back of the swimsuit is a classic mid back scoop design.

There isn't any extra padding in the cups of this swimsuit, it does however have an inner crop at the front to keep the puppies in place. The straps are strong enough to support the weight of my size 38GG chest.  This swimsuit is a UK size 20.

This swimsuit would be perfect for the beach and pool alike. I think it's supportive and practical enough to even swim laps in it - which for most stylish swimsuits is quite a mean feat!

This swimsuit retails for £129.95 which yes is quite pricey but like with all highly priced pieces, you pay for quality.  I have washed this suit several times, no bobbling, no loss of colour or structure.  This swimsuit is a summer staple for me and I would recommend it if you are looking for a suit that flatters and compliments your body shape.

This comes in a range of colours and sizes from a UK 12 to a UK 20. This colour is Vivid Berry.  

UK Swimwear offer so many beautiful patterns and designs so don't delay make sure you check them out now and you can shop this suit right here >> Buy Oceanus <<

 The review above is based on my own opinions of the products.  
Photos by NineInc. Photography


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