Lights, Camera....ACTION!


Today I filmed my first EVER make up tutorial.  I chose to do a Tiger/Cat look,  I thought I would keep in the Halloween spirit and do a look that is a little less creepy and little more "Kat" (see what I did there!)

Space is a bit of an issue in my house, so I opted to strip down my dressing table and bring forward the mirror allowing space for my Nikon D5000 & it's tripod to stand behind it.  

My daughter Mya is a vlogger too, so we nabbed her two light boxes and positioned them either side of my stool.  Add that to my yellow bulb lamp from Ikea to make a makeshift 3 point lighting system.

It's not ideal, the window is behind me so I can't utilise the natural lighting.

I have absolutely zero video editing I have enlisted Mya to edit my vids until I learn how to do it myself!  (This may never happen, cos it looks quite complex to be honest!)


So here is the look I created for you;

I hope you like it and I can't wait to show you my video!

If you pros out there wanna give a newbie some tips, all would be greatly appreciated!


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