This week has been full on & totally all over the place.  I have had to work late pretty much every night this week leaving it virtually impossible to update my blog or make time to voice over my 1st Make up tutorial.  Mya has done an awesome job of editing it - condensing over 20mins of footage into a 6 minute video!  I cannot wait to share it with you guys.

I have however found the time to buy myself a few bits since payday;

I haven't had the pleasure of using my palette or my Nail Drill yet, but I did get the chance to use the shine wipes as I cracked out my Nail Star 36w UV Lamp today to do Mya's nails.

The lamp was a birthday gift and I couldn't use the set until the shine wipes came to remove the tacky residue from the nails.  The wipes are tiny and dry very very quickly so you gotta use them as soon as they are out of the packet.  They say that one wipe is enough for one manicure and I agree, if you are just using gel products.  Not a bad price either, £1.99 from Amazon (link above)

I am thoroughly impressed by the curing output of the lamp and the quality of the Crystal G - Soak off gel nail polishes.  The colour I used is a sort of coral/red colour which is little bright for her (she's more of a dark colours, kinda gal!)  The polishes appear to have a crystal-like shimmer to them too, which is lovely for occasion wear but not really something I would opt for on a day to day basis.

She has such dinky little fingers and gel nail polish often chips or comes away on her, so the test will be how long they last.  In all fairness, she goes back to school on Monday - so I will have to take them off over the weekend anyhow! 

Ah well, it's all practice I guess! Xx

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