Showing some #PSBloggerLove for Sara Meredith from Walking With Angels


Today we are showering the social media world with love and appreciation for our fellow #PSBloggers all thanks to the creative genius that is +Debz A 

I wanna send some big "Kat" loving out to a lady whose blog is one of the most true and honest reads I have ever come across.  Her words are heartfelt and her posts full of an abundance of love and pride in her family.  A woman who despite all adversity rises up and pushes on.  She is a truly beautiful soul and I cannot wait to share her with you...

So without further ado...I introduce to you to Sara Meredith
Photo credit to +Sara Meredith & +Chiara Aprea 

Not only is this woman impeccably stunning but I have found that her beauty radiates from within.

She is the mother of four beautiful girls and also devotes her time to children with special needs as a foster parent.

Sara has been happily married to Alan for years and they make a super cute couple.

In short I find this woman utterly inspiring.

She suffered the unfathomable loss of losing a child in 2008.  Her daughter Livvy; her third child who will forever be 9 years old. Livvy had an illness called Retts Sydrome; a rare neurological disorder which primarily affects females.  The illness can leave sufferers with profound physical & communicative disabilities and whilst I do not know the extent of Livvy's symptoms, I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to watch your child deal with such a complex illness.  It takes immense strength, compassion and patience to have children let alone children with special needs, which can be far more reliant on the parent.  I take my hat off to you, Sara.

One thing that hits me hard when I read Sara's blog is how she deals with the loss of losing Livvy.  Now I will not profess to understand this grief or comprehend the emotion of losing something which came from you.  No parent should ever have to bury their child, that's not the natural progression of life.  Many a time I have sat reading her blog, dumbfounded by her strength, simply in awe with how she copes with day to day life but without ever failing to acknowledge that a part of her will always be gone...missing...her baby...Livvy.
She is blessed to have other children and you can tell from her words that she dotes on each of those girls, but she does not have three girls, she has four and Livvy will always have a place in her heart & home.

It's not unusual to cry reading Sara's posts, how can you not, you simply wouldn't be human to not be touched by the love emanating from her words.  I am sat here crying as I write this because, I could not do what you have done are a stronger woman than most and most definitely a braver woman than me.  I cannot begin to understand the pain you have felt but I can empathise for I hope I would feel the same if I were to lose my baby girl.

There is also an air of positivity about Sara's posts which add testament to her ability to be a blinding mum and a beautiful woman who is finding herself and loving life along the way.  I love her fashion posts and I cannot wait to meet her in person at Style XL this year.

It would be an honour!

Thank you Sara for being you - for you are simply awesome

You can check out Sara's Blog here;

Please take a minute to like Sara's Facebook campaign page to help raise funds to create memory making days for children with disabilities.

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