Can I get an "AMEN" up in here??


Every single human in the world deserves the right to be happy!  Without exception!!

Other people's opinions hold too much weight.

The minute you stop taking stock of how other people perceive you to be, will be the minute you begin your journey to self acceptance and in time...self love.

I've been watching a load of RuPaul's Drag Race recently and she says a line which really hits home for me....

"If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else!"

and to that I give the biggest "A-MEN" cos you have to love yourself first.

We all have flaws and parts of ourselves that we don't love, but those flaws are in our hands to change should we want to.

Once you love you - others will see the inner beauty surpass the outer beauty and you will positivity glowing!


I believe in you!

First step - look in that mirror....right pick one thing that you dislike about instead of thinking negatively about it - find a positive about it (no matter how small or insignificant the positive may be - there will be one) Now say that positive spin out loud....BE repeat it.....and again (with and keep saying it until something clicks and it will - that click is acceptance!  Once you feel that click - remember that feeling and keep flicking back to it when you're feeling low.

My example; Stretch Marks

So my positive spin - These are my tiger stripes, my daily reminder that my baby girl changed my life for the better. I love her - so I love my stripes!!

I try to do this at least once a day and it really does help - you feel like a right wally at first - but eventually you will find more and more things that once were a hindrance that you can now be thankful for.


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