Dare to Bare??


In an effort to promote the fact that women are a thing of true beauty and that we come in all different shapes and sizes I would like to share with you something that I hope will show my true vulnerability.
This is me....these are the photos I took back in April for the Curvy Kate #StarInABra lingerie competition.

No edits
No airbrushing
Just me...

I am not perfect - far from it....but I am me and I am HAPPY!

I accept my flaws and imperfections - but this is who I am and I am unashamed.

I continue to strive to be the happiest & healthiest version of myself possible.

This post is for all the women out there who ever feel self conscious about their bodies, I understand...but instead of beating yourself up about it...celebrate the things you do love instead.

So in true spirit of growth & self acceptance, I ask anyone reading this....

...do you #dare2bare

Make that bold choice and prove to yourself that you are beautiful - warts & all! Post a selfie of yourself baring all - be as daring as you like, but just make sure you use the hashtag; #dare2bare.

I showed myself at my most vulnerable, hoping to inspire others to step outside of their own comfort zones and share parts of themselves they would usually hide away and celebrate that in all its beauty. You don't have to expose all, just test your own limits. 

Make sure you link me to any of your posts - I would love to see yours too :)


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  1. You look beautifully amazing, I applaud your confidence, passion and authentic self you put in the substance of what your doing, I think you are a beacon for the legion of women out there that need your outlook and outlet xX

  2. This is really inspiring!! Such a great post! Thanks for being so amazing! xxx


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