Aching Arms: Our Charity Fundraising with LouiseFitness


Aching Arms is a charity dedicated to supporting parents who have experienced the heartache of leaving the hospital without their babies. 

They work to raise awareness of the impact that pregnancy and baby loss can cause to families and hope to bring some comfort to newly bereaved parents by offering them an Aching Arms bear before they leave the hospital.

The charity is run by group of bereaved mothers, who work tirelessly to offer a line of friendship and support to parents who are coping with the emptiness and pain of losing their much-wanted baby.

The charity provides bears to hospitals for midwives to give to the parents as well as reaching out to those who contact them directly.  You can contact Aching Arms to donate a bear to a family in memory of a baby lost too soon.

Louise chose this well-deserved charity to be the beneficiaries of our recent fundraising.

With the very generous contributions of all our lovely ladies at LouiseFitness, together we managed to raise £450 for Aching Arms which is a truly phenomenal amount. Especially knowing the impact it will have on the families that will find comfort in receiving a bear as a result.

On behalf of Louise & the rest of the team, we'd like to thank you to all of you for donating.

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  1. I loved this post, you have friends, be happy and still enjoy some alone time!


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