What's it like to be the #FaceOfYours?


Yours Clothing have only gone & shortlisted little ole me in their recent #BeTheBlogger competition. I am over the moon, but I wanted to delve a little deeper into the world of Yours.

I hooked up with some of the ladies of The Rubenesque Effect to talk all things Yours, especially as two of them were selected as finalists of their #FaceOfYours competition to find the new faces of the brand.
Photo Credit - Tendai Pottinger - The Rubenesque Effect -  Left to Right - Claire Hynes, Kat Henry, Daniella Smith & Sian Yapp
Meet Claire & Daniella;

So ladies congratulations on being shortlisted I thought I would ask you a few questions to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be behind the scenes with one of the UK’s largest Plus Size clothing brands.

Firstly how did you feel when you found out you had been selected?
Daniella:  It was very much a shock! I really didn’t expect to be picked out of hundreds of ladies for this as I knew there would be a lot of stiff competition but when got the message from Yours I was elated. I was even more so ecstatic when I got the email to be told I was picked to model one of their trends, it definitely was a dream come true.
Claire: I felt completely shocked too! I had applied to quite a few similar competitions for similar brands and had never been picked before. I couldn’t quite believe it, I've been wearing their clothes for years, half my wardrobe is from Yours.  A couple of their stores are near to me in Basildon and Southend, so I was truly over the moon.

You were each given a trend to showcase, what line did you model?
Claire:  I wore their party wear and Christmas range.
Daniella:   I modelled the Athleisure wear, which I was happy to model as this suited my every day style.

How did you find the fit and feel of the items you wore?
Daniella: I found the items to be very good quality and they seemed to fit me well.  I personally think that the items were true to size.
Claire:  I loved all of the items I wore, the fit of the party/evening dresses were great and really accentuated my curves. I especially loved the Christmas jumpers, they were really fun, and for someone who is tall, jumpers don't usually come down to my bum and these ones do, plus the materials were really soft.

How was the modelling experience overall?
Claire:  Overall, It was a great experience, very nerve wracking but everyone made me feel super comfortable and I came away with some great pictures, I'll remember it forever.
Daniella: I agree, the experience for me overall was great. The team at Yours were lovely and helpful, they made me feel so comfortable and at ease. From the stylist, to the photographer, to the hair and make-up artist and all others involved, they truly made the experience one to remember.

If Yours were to run another competition like this one – what would you say to women who were thinking of entering?
Claire:  I would just say to go for it! People can sometimes doubt themselves and over think stuff but I would advise to just put yourself out of your comfort zone and enter! The Yours ladies love people of all shapes and sizes and this is reflected by the people shortlisted in the #FaceofYours competition.
Daniella:  Everyone should take a chance in life, I did and it paid off, you never know what could happen. When given these opportunities just grab them with both hands and just try your best. They didn’t have any rules or regulations when entering so you didn’t feel like you couldn’t enter either because you’re not the right height or size. If they run something similar, hopefully it will be open to all again.

Thank you ladies, for taking the time to speak to me, just one more thing before you go.  Can you create me a look from Yours which you feel represents elements of your style...

Claire: Sure we can and while we’re at it – why don’t you and Sian get involved too? Here’s mine, I've chosen these items as its winter.  I went for a warm turtle neck jumper with long sleeves and I would usually tuck this into the skirt.  You could wear this to a casual day outing like lunch with friends or a day out shopping! You wouldn't have to worry about wearing heels all day because the Yours heeled boots are super comfortable!    

Shop Claire's Outfit >> Turtle Neck//Ankle Boots//Tights//Skirt
Daniella: So I have paired together a late spring/summer day time casual look.  You could wear this to go shopping, lunch with friends/partner or even a family party.

Shop Daniella's Outfit >>Jeans//Faux Fur Gilet//Longline Tee//Plimsolls//Tote Bag//Jewellery

Sian: Well hey there ladies, I’ve chosen this little selection which I think is super cute and I would totally wear this for a date night or perhaps even out to dinner with the girls.

Thank you ladies, here’s what I would pick;

Shop my outfit >> Coat//Scarf//T-shirt//Jeans//Boots
This outfit is very “Kat” I would wear this for a weekend shopping trip or out and about for lunch.  It’s versatile enough to dress up with a cute clutch & some heels for a night out too.

I also reached out to a couple of ladies who really lived and breathed the ethos that I believe Yours Clothing stands for; fun, fearless and trendy clothing that embraces and enhances the woman’s natural curves, regardless of their shape or size.  They both chose to rock outfits in national beauty pageants.  I watched them both strut their stuff with pride and confidence on the stage so I wanted to know why they chose Yours for their outfits.

Meet Aisha & Alexandra...

Alexandra:  "I entered Miss British Beauty Curve pageant for the first time last year. I was a bit of a late entry and with only a month to get all my outfits sorted in time I was panicking!! I work in one of Yours Clothing stores so they were my first choice. I absolutely love their clothes!! There is such a range for woman and men of all shapes and sizes and they keep up to date with the latest fashion. I managed to find 2 gorgeous dresses as well as a swimsuit, kimono and 2 pairs of shoes. When I walked on stage in my outfits I felt confident. I had found clothing that fitted me perfectly and was comfortable. Especially my final Chi Chi prom dress I felt like a princess which has got to be every girls dream."

Alexandra - Photo Credit - Paul Carroll
Aisha: "I chose Yours Clothing because as a plus size fashion retailer they do more than just give us fabrics to put on our bodies. They consistently present lines that a woman can be proud to be seen in they represent a fun and fabulous edge to fashion that other high street plus size retailers lack. They have in many ways changed the face of plus size fashion and I was proud to be able to showcase their clothes in a way that they may not have been worn before. I rocked the bikini with no cover up because quite frankly when a bikini makes you feel like a goddess why on earth don't you want the world to see it! The full length shirt I styled with some Afro-centric Nubian styling, with its palm print it was the perfect way to show some Afro-centric sass by mixing with the head wrap and showing a tiny bit of tum to help ladies see that skin is not just for the thin! I chose yours because they are a brand I wear, a brand I believe in and a brand that's accessible to all!"

Aisha at Miss Plus Size UK - QR Photography
I really do think that Yours have found a way to market clothing for plus size folk which is appealable to all different body shapes and sizes and even skin tones.  Speaking to all these ladies has really made me see how much an impact a brand can make, their competitions show inclusivity and diversity whilst their trends breathes an air of sass and versatility.  All these things just really reinforce the reasons why I would love the honour of joining the Yours Clothing Blogger Dream Team – it sounds like not only would it be a tonne of fun but maybe I could reach out to more people with their help to show that fashion is accessible to ALL and not exclusive to any particular size.


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