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Props to those glam women who opt for uber stylish travel outfits, but that's just not me.  I have one underlying rule for any plane journey; comfort!

Having a pilot boyfriend definitely has it's perks, like flying to Southend-on-Sea just for fish & chips, seeing the beautiful sights of England from miles above ground or roping him into taking some impromptu photos for you at a local airfield. Thank you Andy :) 

I'm going to show you three super comfy outfits, all available from Yours Clothing which are perfect for any plane journey.

I chose a pair of cuffed joggers, a basic t-shirt and a pair of converse style pumps creating an outfit that oozed comfort.

When it comes to joggers I always go for the extra baggy look, so I chose a size 22/24 and they are perfect. Just how I like them. Lightweight enough to keep you cool if your travelling to warmer climes. For the t-shirt I chose a size 20, it's a nice length (no roll up) and it's not fitted in any way.

I wanted to also give you an outfit that is versatile enough to be able to wear out on the other side of your flight. 

 I teamed a pair black skinny jeans with this white sleeveless choker style top.
Rebellion Top//Black Jeans
This top is lovely and loose, I adore the slashed back, I may even add a few more slashes to customise this top further as I am really loving this look right now.  Plus it has my birth year on it - so it was always gonna be a winner. The top is a size 20 and I could have sized down to be honest.These jeans fit so well, they hug you in all the right places and they feel so soft, just like a second skin. I chose a size 20 for the jeans and they literally fit me like a glove.

The last option is the addition of this lovely red sweater.  I always get cold on planes, so I usually pack a light jumper, hoodie or oversized scarf to add another layer.

Red V Neck Jumper
I like my jumpers like I like my joggers, oversized and baggy. I went for a size 20 and it's roomy - perfect! 

All these outfits make for fab travel choices, they are not restricting in any way, they are breathable fabrics which don't overheat and keep you warm when necessary.

Check this out, I even got to "pretend" to fly!  Maybe we'll leave the flying to the one with the license, eh?!

What do you go for, for the holiday journey??

Written in collaboration with Yours Clothing UK as part of #BETHEBLOGGER

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