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When you shop are you ever struck with that inner turmoil of whether you should save some money or splurge out on that gorgeous dress?  Yeah me too, like all the time, every time I turn on my laptop...or start scrolling on my phone!

So I am gonna show you two dresses which are perfect for an autumn occasion; one a saver option whereas the other is more of a splurge.

You can tell me which one you prefer...

Can you guess which one is which?

No? Okay okay...I'll tell ya!

Red Lace Dress//Black Floral Dress
The black number is Chi Chi dress - so this is a concession line that Yours Clothing sells.  I absolutely adore Chi Chi's designs they are always so eye catching and beautifully cut to really compliment your curves. This dress retails at £75.00 so this dress is the SPLURGE.  Did you get it right?

The red lace skater is one of those dresses that doesn't look very appealing in the stock photo, but when you put it on, it's a knock out number!  This dress retails at just £36.99 making this the SAVER.  

In my opinion as much as I love the design of the Chi Chi number I actually prefer the red skater. It makes me feel so girly. For the lower price it doesn't feel of a lesser quality.  They both fit equally well, they both are comfortable and eye-catching but when you can get such a gorgeous little dress for under half the price I would find it pretty hard to justify paying the extra for the Chi Chi.

Would you Save or Splurge??



Written in collaboration with Yours Clothing UK as part of #BETHEBLOGGER
Photography by QR Photography

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