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As far from glam as this may sound, I spend most of my time in PJ's.  I currently work from home twice a week, so on those days I rarely even brush my hair let alone get dressed.  I love lounging and chilling out in uber comfy clothing. I don't want anything fancy or too restricting, I just love to be free.

Now I am very late to the onesie party, I bought my first onesie last year and it has been my item of choice ever since, but then...I happened across this magical creation. Yup that's right, a UNICORN ONESIE, be still my beating heart.  Now don't get me wrong yes, I appreciate it's ridiculously childish and impractical but I couldn't care one bit. This bundle of warmth and loveliness is perfect for snuggling up on the sofa and binge watching a Netflix boxset or two. I love that it's a unicorn, I love that I feel like a 5yr old wearing it, it makes me feel young and carefree! 

Be a Unicorn - Buy this NOW
I actually bought this onesie to take part in a social media campaign to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.  All of my fellow BOOSTFit instructors did a whole fitness class in our onesies.  We sweated like pigs (well I didn't cos unicorns don't sweat they sparkle!) but we raised a load of money for Diabetes UK and JDRF and it was loads of fun to get to wear your PJ's to "work"

Another thing that I cannot live without is a pair of fluffy socks. I own far too many pairs to count and they are the first thing I put on whenever I get home from work. I hate having cold feet, cold feet are like the devil!

Fluffy Penguin Socks
Yours Clothing have a tonne of comfy loungewear in at the moment some of the PJ sets are Christmas related too which I love cos it's tradition in my family to buy a new PJ set for Christmas Eve.

Here's the one I plan to buy...
Buy this PJ set
I'm also a sucker for a fluffy dressing gown and slippers. When we went to Yours Clothing HQ for our blogger shoot we all were lent these gorgeous fluffy purple robes to wear between changes. 

I didn't want to take it off, it was lovely, cosy and roomy for sizing. 

Buy it too: Dressing Gown//Santa Slippers
Although those Santa slippers were a total colour clash - I couldn't help strutting around in them, exactly what you need when you have sore feet from wearing heels all day!

What do you lounge around in??



Written in collaboration with Yours Clothing UK as part of #BETHEBLOGGER

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