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The whole "New year New Me" thing just doesn't work for me.  I see the perks of choosing the start of the new calendar year to be the time to embark on something new but in my opinion that should not be the catalyst to shed any weight you may have put on over the festive period or to begin any drastic fad diets or to set yourself unacheivable goals that you feel you must bust a gut to attain, simply because society tells you that the way you are is not good enough in some way.

I don't make resolutions, I set myself goals.  Goals that I know will positively change my life in some way.  Goals that I can control and achieve. Goals that make me feel better about myself.

This year I set myself a list of goals which I will be posting all about soon but for now we are gonna talk about the two that I am most excited about.

- Move more
- Love myself a little more

As you may know I am a BOOSTfit Fitness Instructor.  I am also overweight.  I am strong and able. I love dancing. I exercise because it means I get to dance.  I dance because it makes me happy. The more I dance the more I move. I move more to increase my fitness levels.  I exercise to improve my breathing and endurance. I do not move to lose weight.  I don't exercise to lose weight. I enjoy moving my body.  I love my body. I like seeing my body changing and becoming stronger. I am not the picture of perfect health, but I am not unhealthy. You cannot judge my health by looking at my photo.
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 The two goals I have set require a level of commitment to maintain, they are both life choices. Choices which will in fact be boosting my own happiness and in turn helping me listen to my body and learning to love it a little more. Allowing myself to care more about the fabulous vessel that I inhabit and to care more for my mental well-being by choosing happiness overall.  

To move more I have chosen to increase the amount of times I go to class whenever I can.  I plan to also increase the intensity of my workouts when I do.  Not drastically, just take things a little higher, dig a little deeper, jump a little more and push a little harder.  When one embarks on such a journey and one is a fashion blogger, one should treat themselves to snazzy new active wear. (Hey JD Williams...wake up...it's your time to shine!)

Adidas Sports Leggings
JD Williams made my day when I found out that Adidas sell plus size active wear!  These Adidas Linear Tights are perfect for working out. I got these in a size 20 and they fit like a second skin. I have washed and worn them several times and they have not lost shape nor lost colour or started bobbling. The fit is not restricting and the material is breathable. They kept my legs cool through out classes too.

These leggings have all sold out but they have many other similar styles available online (Shop HERE) and as far as I can see these are available up to a size 24. It's not a full size range but for a straight size fitness brand to recognise the desire from us plus size folk to have stylish and durable active wear and to deliver at an affordable price point, it's progress. Hopefully this will spur more brands to follow suit and also to extend the range to incorporate more sizes.

I love this Pineapple Dance hoodie, it's so warm and comfortable.  Unfortunately this hoodie is now sold out but JD Williams stock other Pineapple active wear some of which goes up to a size 30.  I sized up with this hoodie and went for a size 22 as I like to wear my hoodies nice and oversized.  

Elomi make fantastic sports bras that offer support for larger cup and back sizes.  They are my sports bras of choice. This is a size 38GG keeping me nice and secure for all kinds of movement.
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There are so many brands available via JD Williams like Glamorise, Panache, Shock Absorber and Freya all catering for both larger cups and back sizes. Make sure you check them out.

I am fully in support of anyone who chooses to lose weight, as long as they are doing it for themselves and not to conform or because others have told them they have to. You have to live your best life. That being said I am fully in support of anyone who chooses to live their lives exactly the way they want to and if that means that they are happy in the skin they are in then that makes me happy just as much.

However you choose to live...whether you choose to move or not. Promise me three things;
  • You will make a conscious effort to love yourself a little more.
  • You will try to believe that you are stronger today than you were yesterday and with hard work and perseverance, tomorrow can be even better.
  • If you choose to move - do it in style and start your active wear shopping with JD Williams


Written in collaboration with JD Williams

Photos by QR Photography
**Special Thanks to Natalie S**

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