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Mama loves clothes just as much as I do, back in the day she was quite the trail blazer fashion wise, I mean just look at her... She was a proper hottie! I need that white ensemble in my life!

When her birthday rolls around I often buy her bits to wear mainly cos after this many years of birthdays I cannot keep buying her household appliances that she will never use and I will only end up stealing and using myself!

My Mama isn't as able bodied as she used to be, she suffers from many illnesses and as a result she is practically bed bound and uses a wheelchair.  Over the years her body shape and size has fluctuated.  She is currently wears clothes ranging from a size 28 to a 32 depending on shops and styles.

I gave her a little mini make-over to boost her mood and as she was all dolled up with no where to go, I made her throw on the two tops I got her for her birthday recently so I could take some snaps to share with you.

Mama is conscious of her tummy and prefers a longer top which covers her bum and tum.  Despite me banging on about embracing your body, I would never force her to wear something fitted as she would never be comfortable in it.  So I opted for two long-line tops which are cut differently but are both long enough to conceal the areas which she is conscious of whilst providing a flattering cut for her apple body shape.

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We got this top in a size 30-32. My mum is 5 ft 6" and this top falls below the knee on her. It was a tad see through so we whacked a black cami underneath as she was wearing a white bra.  The material is a fine knit and it has a purple metallic sparkle to it.  She teamed it with a pair of black leggings, a pair of silver chunky heels and a silver necklace.
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The next top was Mum's fave, she preferred the cut and feel of this top but wished it was a little less wide across the shoulder width as it tended to fall slightly off the shoulder. We got this in a size 30-32, we could have probably sized down one in this top to stop the shoulder dropping but it may have been a little too fitted for her liking on the tummy.
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The ombre effect she found really flattering and loved the colour and embellishment offering a little sparkle.

Mum loves shopping with Yours Clothing, she usually goes for long tops and is rarely disappointed with her purchases. She loves the variety available and how versatile the clothing is that someone who is older can wear trendy garments like this and not look out of place.

I think you look smashing Mama, Happy Birthday xx


Written in collaboration with Yours Clothing UK as part of #BETHEBLOGGER

Photos by QR Photography

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