Forever Unique Greta Dress


I simply adore this dress, I love every single thing about it from the cut to the fabric to the way it goes "swoooooosh" to the way it makes me feel!

This infamous dress has sparked the biggest dilemma in my 32 years on this planet! #FirstWorldProblems

I bought the dress from +Simply Be store on Oxford Street in the hopes of wearing it for a recent photoshoot but it wasn't really in line with the vibe of the shoot so it was not worn :(  

This dress is a statement dress and as it retails for £195.00 it's not something that I could warrant as an impulse keep. 

The dress is impeccably made and there is no doubt in my mind that it is worth every penny!  The colour is a gorgeous shade of coral/peach and the fabric is quite light but it is well lined underneath so it's quite a heavy dress. 

The cut was what I loved the most, it really flattered the chest area although it called for the lowest plunge line of a bra possible.  It really made me feel like a princess, so much so that I want my future wedding dress to have similarities to the cut.

As I loved the dress so much I thought I would get Mya to take a few pics of me in it for memories sake...I posted the pics on facebook & insta and I was not prepared for the feedback I got.  It very quickly catapaulted to my most liked & commented on photo, people were really loving the dress offering so much praise that it only made my predicament worse!

I have until 7th May to decide whether I want to keep the dress for a special occasion, I have a ball in July and the British Plus Size Awards in November but as I plan to continue with my fitness levels and have just embarked on a "drop a dress size" challenge, it could end up being too big come those events.

Help me people - do I return it or keep it?? 

What would you do??

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  1. This dress is drop dead gorgeous and I wish I had it. But if you're looking for help on deciding I'd say give it back. I have made way too many of those mistakes, buying dresses that I would wear to an occasion and I never did. Besides, if you're trying to lose some weight it will definitely be too big for you and you'll end up not wearing it. I would give it back and spend that money on some new clothes when I shed some extra pounds =)

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