"They" Can't Wear That!!


Debz of Wannabe Princess has had another brainwave to add further value to the #WeAreTheThey statement.
Today we are hitting back again but this time we are dispelling all the "THEY shouldn't wear that" rumours.

Well guess what... #WeAreTheThey and We will NOT be told what NOT to wear!

1. Tight Clothing/BodyCons
Up until late 2014 I had never dreamed of wearing a body con dress but with the right shapewear & a spoonful of self confidence I have embraced the Body Con with both arms!  

2. Leggings
Leggings are my go-to on the weekend and they can even be dressed up so why would we not want to wear them??

3. White
White can be a tricky one as sometimes it can make me look wider but it's one of my favourite colours so I'll be damned if anyone is gonna tell me to stop wearing it!

4. Bright colours
I have always worn bright colours - they really brighten up a day. I don't even understand they theory about not wearing them!?

5. Bold patterns
I personally think they distract attention away from my lovely lady lumps!

6. Horizontal stripes
Why ever not - I always wear stripes without a care in the world!

7. High heels & Skinny Jeans
I am short - so without heels I feel so small!  I will never stop wearing heels and as for skinny jeans - I live in them!

8. Bikinis
Daniella & Sian have amazing bodies and I think they look fantastic!!

9. Crop tops
 Here we have Sheivelle, Sian & Daniella proving that any size girl can rock a crop!

10. Short skirts
Most of my work dresses are verging on indecent! But hey, I think I look pretty damn good!!

11. Shorts


12. Fishtail Dresses
This dress made me win the +Scarlett Jo Selfie Competition - It's a winner in my eyes!

13. Dresses with side splits
I personally love this dress - it's girly and makes me feel fantastic!

14. Make up
This is the silliest of all - cos what woman doesn't feel fantastic with a splash of lippy??

15. Pencil Skirts.
I do love a pencil skirt, me.. what exactly is wrong with a pencil skirt anyway?

All in all - I say, if you feel fab in it - where whatever the hell you want!

#WeAreTheThey and we EMBRACE fashion!!

Big love and thanks to Siân Yapp, Daniella Smith & Sheivelle Ofori for letting me share their pics xx

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