Warrior Goddess Fantasy Beauty Shoot with Chiara Aprea


Yesterday has gotta go down as one of the most memorable days in my life!

I had the pleasure of being made up & captured by Chiara Aprea of C.A Photography

I was petrified as this shoot was set to throw me head first outta my comfort zone and it really did do just that!

Chiara is fabulous, she exudes confidence and her artistry skills are fantastic.  I had been admiring her work for some time and I knew that she would be the perfect catalyst to explore a more unique side of me.

She instantly made me feel at ease with her warm personality, I wasn't afraid any more but just eager to see how her vision of what she wanted to achieve could be portrayed using little ole me!

The poses were tough but she gave impeccable direction and I felt like an utter muppet doing it but gee whizz did they photograph well.

I will totally be booking up with her again and exploring as many looks as I can cram in before she makes it big and becomes completely outta my price range! (with her talent this is inevitable!!)

If you are interested in stepping away from the norm and trying something fabulously creative then give her a call - she will NOT disappoint!

You can sample some more of Chira's amazing work on Instagram; https://instagram.com/ca_muartistry

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