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Ever since I had all my hair chopped off when I was 15 I've longed for my long hair back.  So when I was approached by Ayanda at House of Hair UK to become a brand ambassador, I could have kissed her!

My natural hair.
After a short consultation in their Boutique salon in Ealing, London we decided that I would opt for more length and overall fullness.  I have quite long hair (mid back) with balayage over an old ombre, so it's a mass of dark brown, copper, brown and blonde tones.

My hair is naturally curly, I have a wild curl pattern which tends to not follow any set form.  I have a lot of hair, but it's quite thin and lifeless.  I have little to no volume once I straighten my hair.

I was worried that extensions would look fake, bulky and would never be able to match my colour or curl.

I couldn't have possibly been more wrong!

Ayanda & Nadine managed to colour match and blend the hair to a near perfect match.

with extensions (straightened)

The process was simple; I have two tracks of beaded weft which is sewn onto my hair (over micro rings) I then have additional micro ring strands above the weft.

It took Nadine approximately 3 hours to fully fit and style my hair.

Ayanda gave very clear instructions on after care and the maintenance of the extensions.  

I was nervous about washing them and given that I am so active I was worried about the micro rings showing once I had my hair tied up.  This requires some practice to get all the hair up in a way so they are not showing, especially as my hair is quite thin near my scalp.

Having had the extensions in for about 5/6 weeks now I am starting to experience the need for maintenance appointment which I have scheduled for the new year.

The whole process has been exceptional, I cannot fault the team in any way and the quality of the hair is fantastic.  For an extensions virgin, I cannot recommend them enough.  All the worries or concerns I had before are completely gone.

You just treat them as you would your normal hair, with just a few changes to the way your wash your hair and the products you should use.

You can see a full price list for their services here >>> PRICE LIST<<<

If you are interested you can grab yourself 20% off a full head of extensions by using my discount code..."KH-20"

Go, book your consultation today, tell em I sent ya....


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