Introducing Queens Phasion Studio....*Review*


Earlier in the year I was chosen to be the International Promo Model for a relatively new brand called Queen's Phasion Studio.  They are based in the USA and have a growing following over there. Nominating international promo models is a step towards global domination ;)

Shania Glover - the company's Founder is a lovely lady and she comes from humble beginnings which is part of the reason I applied to be her international model.

Shania's business runs primarily via her Facebook page and her website.  She doesn't offer a lot of stock at any one time, I presume this is down to it being in the company's infancy, but via Facebook she promotes items which if they generate a lot of press (i,e. likes/comments) she will make them available by pre-order.

I recently received two garments to play dress up with, both are items that I wouldn't usually opt for, but that's not a bad thing.  It's good to jump outta your comfort zone once in a while.  Both items were jumpsuits.  One in pink and the other in black.  Out of the two I prefer the pink but they are both lovely items. Both jumpsuits have a retro/70's feel to them.

The black jumpsuit (or romper for you US folk) is called "The Diana Jumpsuit" and can be purchased using the following link;  >>BUY Diana HERE<<<  

I'm wearing a 1x here which is the equivalent of 18/20 UK sizing.

I'm gonna have to be perfectly honest and say I'm not a huge fan of the bell bottom leg, but it's fit for purpose as it's designed to be a 70's throwback.  It's just not my thing.

The material on the legs is spandex (or lycra) and the top is polyester but has a chiffon type feel.

I'm not overly keen on the cut outs on each side, I would've preferred it to be "whole" 

The pink jumpsuit comes from their "Della Collection" and can be purchased using the following link;  >>BUY Della Jumpsuit HERE<<

This is way more me and I reckon I would wear this again on a night out perhaps with a waist belt and killer heels and some chunky jewellery. 

It's a jersey type material and is really comfy to wear so could easily be dressed up or down.

Again - wearing a 1x (UK 18/20)

Queens Phasion Studio does ship internationally with a shipping fee but the cost works out cheaper if you buy multiple items.

Please give them a little look-see...


This product was sent to me for review purposes.  The review above is based on my own opinion of the product and I own all creative content of this post.

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