So +Debz A arranged another fantastic way to spread some #PSbloggerlove by creating an Instagram advent calendar.  Each day is devoted to a specific blogger and on each day we post pictures of the chosen blogger and shower them with love and positivity.  You'll know this is right up my street, I love showing people how much I love and appreciate them and giving compliments are free and can mean so much to recipient!  I have first hand experience of that today because, today; Day 9; 9th December belonged to me!

Here are the the kind & heartfelt words that my friends have posted about me today.  Each message made me feel so empowered and it's so refreshing to hear people praising you and complimenting you especially when you aren't feeling on top of your game.  These words couldn't have come at a better time.

I want to thank every single one of you babes for taking the time to write such beautiful things about me. I really am overwhelmed and bursting with love for all of you.  So today, I devote my #WCW to every single one of you ladies.

You warmed my heart today so thank you so very much. I am eternally grateful. 

If you aren't following these ladies - you SHOULD be....make that happen...

Charli - @Curvygirlthin
Lottie - @Lottielamour
Leah - @LeahXL
Nikki - @Nattynikki
Lucia - @ucantwearthat
Kerry-Anne - @volutptuouschatterbox
The Rubenesque Effect - @rubenesque_pr
Mookie - @Mookie7x7
Becky - @VeryHugryFaterpillar
Kerry - @Ruby_thunder
Samantha - @reallifesamgirl
Amanda - @amandaapparel
Laura - @whatlauraloves
Tanya - @secretplussizegoddess
Michelle - @Divine_delights


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  1. This is so sweet. Thank you. There was not one comment made that I couldn't of put better myself. You are such a good soul, bursting with positivity. It's actually infectious!

  2. Awh, thanks for adding me even though I was a bit late! And thank you so much for your kind words today. Hope to see you soon! <3 xx


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