Miss British Beauty Curve 2016 Contestants; Meet Charlotte-Hannah


First up in my series of interviews with this year's Miss British Beauty Curve contestants, we have a lady who has one of the kindest hearts I know.  

Meet Ms Gloucestershire Curve 2016; Charlotte-Hannah.

Name: Charlotte-Hannah Phillips

Age: 35

Which area are you representing? 

Single (very much so!)

What made you want to enter MBBC? 
To feel better about myself.  To learn to love myself

 Is MBBC your first pageant experience?  
No – I was fortunate enough to take part in 2015 and I’m stoked to have been awarded
‘Ms Congeniality’ by my fellow Ms contestants.

Describe your character in 5 words:
Complex, gregarious, generous, supportive & self-doubting

You can earn extra points from making public appearances, have you made any so far?  Do you have any in the pipeline?
I’ve been in the local magazine, Tewkesbury Direct, supported  the ‘Tewkesbury
in Bloom’ quiz night and I am going to take part in the ‘Tewkesbury Big
Weekend’, the ‘Tewkesbury Vintage Fair’ and the ‘British Heart Foundation
Regents Park Run’.

What does winning the crown mean to you? 
The culmination of a journey of acceptance. I've slowly learnt to love who I am, to accept my faults and flaws and rejoice in my achievements and capabilities.

Do you have any hidden talents? 
I’m a painter (acrylics mostly), I bake (I do a mean lemon loaf cake and orange
chocolate muffins!)  and I sing a mean jazz standard and musical theatre number
(favourites being Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’, ‘I  got the world on a string’ or ‘Black Coffee’, or ‘Shakin’ the  blues away’ from Love Me or  Leave  Me or ‘So Long, Dearie’ from Hello Dolly)! Well, you did ask!

Who are your sponsors? 
I’m currently working towards sponsorship from two Gloucestershire based
clothing retailers and a Tewkesbury based salon that I’m a huge fan of.
If successful you would become one of our Sister Queens, what qualities can you bring to our family? 
Integrity, humility, empathy and a genuine appreciation of the qualities of the
ladies who’ve won before me.

What inspires you most about the MBBC Queens? 
The strength that they embody and empower in other women. An amazing gift.

How have you found the experience so far? 
I love every moment of the MBBC experience. The meeting new people, the
camaraderie of fellow finalists, the ‘real-ness’ of the ladies and the beauty of the
souls (as well as the bodies) taking part.

Are you looking forward to the 5th year anniversary event? Have you started
I’m very much looking forward to the 5th anniversary of MBBC. My only regret was not having found it earlier! I’ve already started shopping and have quite a few things already bought. But there is always room for more!

What message do you have for women who are thinking of entering in the future? 
Do not procrastinate! If something inside of you tells you to enter – do it. Don’t by swayed by the demons in your own head, don’t be put off by negative forces from outside – just do it. I promise you that it’ll be the best thing you will do for yourself. 

Thank you Charlotte-Hannah, I wish you the very best of luck suga xx

You can check out more about Charlotte by checking out her blog

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