Nominate Me for a British Plus Size Award 2016


After being nominated for "Best New Blog" at last year's awards, I have truly got the bug and I am asking you kind folk to nominate me (please note if I'm successfully shortlisted, you will then have to vote for me as a second stage too)

The category that I would like to be nominated for this year is..


Just click the link below and type in the following name to the relevant box;


Social media to me is my forte. It's the area in which I excel at.  Of all the things that I'm doing on this roller coaster of a journey, social media is the thing that I put my heart and soul into. Networking and spreading an utterly positive message across all of my social media platforms gives me so much pride.   I believe that social media when used correctly can be a powerful tool to inspire and elevate people all over the world. I want people to look at my content and feel empowered. I strive to show myself in an honest light. You will see real life Kat in all her imperfect glory as well as glam Kat which I love to show is not the only side of me. I am not afraid of being unapologetically myself, showing people that you do not need to conform to societies standards to be happy, healthy or successful.

I want my social media to make a difference in your life, even if it just makes you smile for a second.

You will find only positive vibes & love on my platforms.

------ xXx -------

 Of course there are a tonne of other categories to nominate also so please use this chance to nominate your favourite blogger, model, brand, plus size event etc. If you love em...nominate them!!

Simple as!


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