Miss British Beauty Curve 2016 Contestants; Meet Demi-Louise


Next up in my 'Meet the Miss British Beauty Curve 2016' Contestants series, we're speaking to Miss Kent Curve 2016; Demi-Louise...
Name: Demi-Louise Bailey
Which area are you representing?
I am representing Kent.

Single or taken? 
What made you want to enter MBBC?
I've been following the pageant for a couple of years now, but the age limit was 18. Soon as the entry forms was released and I was 18 I entered right away.
Seeing all the positive feedback from former contestants and the positive impact it had made upon their lives made me want to enter.
Right now, I feel I am in a good place to represent my county in this national final. 
Is MBBC your first pageant experience?
No, this isn't my first pageant experience. I've had a lot to do with pageants since 2013. However this is my first national.

Describe your character in 5 words?
Friendly, bubbly, positive, opinionated and loyal.
You can earn extra points from making public appearances, have you made any so far? Do you have any in the pipeline? 
I have been making appearances;
My local paper & local radio.
County paper & county radio.
Miss European Team England Selection.
Peter Pan showing IPA 
Appearances I've got lined up;
Miss Sheppey Selection
Miss Sittingbourne Selection (Hopefully)
Another local radio
Charity quiz night
Into the Woods hair show 2016 
What does winning the crown mean to you? 
To me, the crown would mean everything.
These past few months I've been going through a rough time with relationships and more importantly the relationship with myself. But I've come out the other side and I'm in a good place right now.
I live in a run down area and it's not often that someone or any one for a matter of a fact does anything good - I want to be able to change that.
I want to be the change, I would like to see. I'd like to be able to help people on their journey for self love too. Mine was a rough journey but I've got here now and I couldn't be happier. I've gained a lot of weight recently, but I'm the happiest I've ever been, I've got a confidence I've never had before and a smile I've not seen in such a long time.
2016 will be my year for good things!

Do I have any hidden talents? 
I love, love, love to sing. 
Who are your sponsors? 
Cuddles 'n' Bubbles pet shop & friends and family. I'm generally a chatty person, being an hairdresser and all so I decided to do a sponsored silence. (This was the hardest eight and a half hours of my life.)
If successful you would become one of our sister queens, what qualities can you bring to our family? 
I'd like to say I could bring my personality to your family. A kind and loving touch. An ambition to want to help people. I can be out spoken, but I know when to be & I always stand up for what I believe in, I think it's something anyone can benefit from. 
What inspires you most about MBBC queens? 
The one thing that inspires me most about MBBC queens is the way you all glow, your sheer confidence and pure sass. 
How have you found the experience so far?
My experience so far has been overwhelming, I won't lie.
As soon as my article went public, I got so much attention and at one point it was too much. But with the reassurance of my beautiful fellow contestants I came back twice as strong. I'm still adjusting to people approaching me, especially when I'm wearing my sash and making appearances - but I'm taking it in my stride. I've only met yourself (Kat), however after speaking to most of the girls I'm realising how family like we all are and I love it.

Are you looking forward to the 5th year anniversary event? Have you started shopping?
Of course I'm excited!!! I've got a countdown on my phone and everything! I love the pageant build up. Shopping? I'm almost done.

What message do you have for women who are thinking of entering in the future? 
Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
If you want to be welcomed into a family of warm loving girls then do so! If you're not feeling so confident and need a boost, honestly do it.
I know the thought of such a thing can be so scary, my heart was palpitating so hard when I sent in my application I almost fell out of my chair - but I've gained so much confidence and I feel great about myself now. I'm 100% looking forward to meeting all the girls along the way. 
No matter your shape, your size, your race, your gender. You are gorgeous. Take the steps to see the change in yourself. This could be one of them.
Thank you Demi-Louise, I wish you the very best of luck babe x
You can connect with Demi and be kept up to date with her journey;

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