Miss British Beauty Curve 2016 Contestants; Meet Sian


Next up in the "Meet the Miss British Beauty Curve 2016 Contestants" series we have Miss Cotswolds Curve 2016; Sian.

Name: Sian Yapp
Age:  27
Which area are you representing?  The Cotswolds
Single or Taken?  Single 

(C) Chiara Aprea Photography

What made you want to enter MBBC
Having had friends who have previously entered the pageant, I have heard nothing but Amazing things. It is lovely to enter a Pageant where the females involved are so supportive of each other. There is a real camaraderie amongst these females, this includes past finalists, winners and new. 

Is MBBC your first pageant experience?  
MBBC is my third pageant. It's very clear that I caught the pageant bug from competing in Miss Plus size international 2013, I then went on to compete in ModelXL 2015 which I went on to win.

Describe your character in 5 words...
Passionate, professional, friendly, hard-working and determined.

You can earn extra points from making public appearances, have you made any so far?  Do you have any in the pipeline? 
I have recently represented The Cotswolds in a Valentines day Catwalk event hosted in Poole By Sam Muzo. 
I also have a number of Charity events I will be taking part in and also supporting.

What does winning the crown mean to you? 
Winning MBBC would mean the world to me. It means that you do not have to be the ideal size, whether that is the standard straight size or the "Ideal" Plus size, size to achieve the goals you set out for yourself. 
That Being yourself, accepting your "Imperfections" and still loving every inch of your body, is OK!

(C) Nicki Komorowski Photography for The Rubenesque Effect

Do you have any hidden talents? 
I am a keen singer and have been lucky enough to record some of my favourites in Kat's other halves Studio. I also sketch/draw as a Hobby but also for commission work.

Who are your sponsors? 
I have a number of Sponsors in the pipeline, but I also have my family sponsoring me which I thank them so much for.

If successful you would become one of our Sister Queens, what qualities can you bring to our family? 
Hard work, loyalty, friendship, humour (at least I make myself laugh) honesty and lots of fun.

What inspires you most about the MBBC Queens? 
How unique they all are. From different walks of life, different appearances and yet their bond is strong and their goal is the same.

How have you found the experience so far? 
I am really enjoying it so far. The girls are so lovely and it's inspiring to hear their stories and learning that we're not alone with our struggles, Past and present.

Are you looking forward to the 5th year anniversary event? Have you started shopping? 
I'm very excited to a part of the 5th Anniversary event and have been planning ensembles, themes and discussing with potential sponsors for the final look. The shopping has yet to begin.

What message do you have for women who are thinking of entering in the future? 
Do it. If you have a little voice in you saying you can't, ignore it. We are all capable of Amazing things and sharing it with a group of women who you can connect with, share the experience and learn from is a truly empowering feeling for a woman. You will not regret it, regardless if you win or not.

I wish you the very best of luck Sian

You can connect with Sian and be kept up to date with her journey;

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