Miss British Beauty Curve 2016 Contestants; Meet Kimberley Franklin


Next up in the "Meet the Miss British Beauty Curve 2016 Contestants" series we have Ms Newcastle Curve 2016; Kimberley...
Name: Kimberley Franklin
Age: 30
Which area are you representing? Ms Newcastle Curve 2016

Single or Taken? 
Engaged; to be married to my best friend of 11 years on Christmas Eve this year

What made you want to enter MBBC? 
After seeing a show on TV a wanted to give it a go to see how far I would get, after years of being bullied and told I'm to fat or to short I wanted to test the water and see what others really thought.

Is MBBC your first pageant experience? 
This is my very first and although I am nervous I am extremely proud and excited to tell everyone what I am doing and inspire others.

Describe your character in 5 words..
Honest - loyal - funny - spontaneous - proactive

You can earn extra points from making public appearances, have you made any so far?  Do you have any in the pipeline?
I haven't currently done any yet, I do have a fundraising event to attend and have contacted the local press and radio to make the competition public knowledge up here in Newcastle. <Kimberley recently took part in the Scarlett & Jo Modelling Competition which was a record breaking event of the most plus size ladies in one photo shoot in Europe>

What does winning the crown mean to you? 
For me it's not about the crown but what it represents, every single person in this world has a right to feel beautiful and winning the crown would provide a platform where we can reach so many more people out there and inspire them to step into their own and shine.

Do you have any hidden talents? 
I am pretty flexible and can still do the splits

Who are your sponsors? 
Levoi Champagne Nail Bar Newcastle

If successful you would become one of our Sister Queens, what qualities can you bring to our family? 
I am a very determined focused person with a big heart. I have been homeless in the past and experienced violence and loss of loved ones so I feel I have a lot of compassion and reasoning skills that help and inspire overs. I can see the pageant has grown over the last four years with the help of each and every queen and I feel I could help bring yet a new audience and exposure again. I am proud to be a part of an ever growing community of proud confident women.

What inspires you most about the MBBC Queens? 
The confidence they shine with and the time and dedication they give to their time in the pageant and as a Queen.

How have you found the experience so far? 
Absolutely brilliant, everyone is so kind and friendly wanting you to do well and more importantly just enjoy every moment.

Are you looking forward to the 5th year anniversary event? Have you started shopping? 
Everything is so exciting, I have been and tried on a few bits but not purchased anything yet. Just like a wedding dress when I put the right stuff on I'll just know.  

What message do you have for women who are thinking of entering in the future? 

Do it! Just go for it, start believing you can and you will. As long as you have a heart that loves and cares and you are forgiving and kind, it doesn't matter what shape or height you are your beauty shine from within and that with confidence in what you do makes you unbelievably beautiful.

I wish you the very best of luck Kimberley
You can connect with Kimberley and be kept up to date with her journey;

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