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Denim is a staple in my wardrobe. I probably own more pairs of jeans or denim variations like jeggings than I do shoes (and I have  A LOT of shoes!)  Being 5ft 4" I always struggle to find jeans that work for me lengthwise as well as hugging my figure in the right places.  

In Summer months, wearing heavy weight denim is a chore so I opt for lighter options which aren't gonna make me break out in a sweat.

I'm constantly on the search for that perfect pair, you know the ones...the ones that make you wanna bust out a chorus or two of Ginuwine -"In Those Jeans."  To be honest, a lot of jeans fall short of my expectations making me feel like an utter retail failure.   I've been burnt by so many pairs before, it's hard for me to build up to that level of trust with a pair enough to make me say these are in my faves list.  I know I sound like I have a denim commitment issue but I'm serious, they have to tick so many boxes;

  • Fit round the ass
  • Fit round the waist
  • Comfortable when sitting
  • No "builders bum"
  • No "camel toe"
  • No saggy crotch
  • Withstand the squat test
  • The right length with not too much excess fabric around the ankle.
When looking for a prospective pair of jeans, they gotta meet the criteria or they simply get shoved in the pile of "maybe somedays" that sit at the back of the jeans shelf.

I chose a couple of pairs of jeans from Yours Clothing recently and I think it's only right that we see if they make the cut together.

First up are these Bleach Wash Skinny Jeans. These retail at just £19.99 and are a lightweight denim. They have some elastane in them, so definitely have some stretch in. I am wearing a size 20 and are true to size, no need to size up or down here.

The fit on the bum and waist is good, they don't dig into my waist/hips and there is no huge gaping space they fit snug. Nice curve hug :)

The exact length of these is 30" inside leg so on my 5ft 4" frame they are a little on the long side for me.  There's a few gathers at the ankle which is pretty normal for me with skinnies, but would definitely fit someone who is around 5ft5/6 better.

These jeans have quite a bit of excess fabric in the front, so for those of us with a considerable apron/pouch, these should stretch to accommodate that, but after a while they seem to appear saggy in the front which is a shame.

They stood the crouch & squat test with ease.  Nothing is more heart-breaking then feeling the inside leg rip on your fave pair.

Sitting wasn't uncomfortable at all, they didn't feel stretched too tight or restricting.  I styled the jeans with a slouch "Brooklyn NY" tee also from Yours which is currently on sale for £11.25 but minimal sizes left.

The second pair of jeans I wanna talk about are these Super Stretch Skinny Jeans in black.

These are a little more expensive at £21.99 but in my opinion these jeans are worth the extra.

I'm wearing a size 20 (28" length) in these jeans and they are a perfect fit.  They tick every box for me and they are super soft and comfortable too.  The wash well and really don't lose their shape or soft feel.  I have absolutely nothing to add to these jeans to make them better...they really are awesome. 

The jeans are available in three lengths; 28", 30" and 32" too so there's more chance of finding a better fit lengthwise.

I am in love with this #LimitedCollection Black Floral Top with Slashed Back. I bought this in a size 18 and it's really generous, I could have even sized down further in this top. It's really long as a top and could even be worn as a dress I reckon.

The floral print detailing has been designed to look like embroidery and it's quite authentic for a print!  The colours are beautifully eye-catching.  It's currently reduced to £14.99 in limited sizes - so go now...pick one up. 

I adore the slashed back of this top though, giving the top that unique customised feel. Slashes and customising tees is something that I used to do to my tops all the time in the early 00's so I'm so glad the trend is back, it means I can crack out all my old designs :)

Verdict Time

If I had to choose between the two pairs the black ones would deffo be keepers (10/10) The bleach wash jeans fell down on a few key points for me, the sagging at the front and the length but all round they are totally a wearable pair of lightweight and breathable jeans (7/10) I think I have found a perfect pair in the black ones and I'm eager to try more of Yours' denim to see how they fit.

What do you look for in your pair of perfect jeans? Have you tried any jeans from Yours?

Photos by QR Photography

 The review above is based on my own opinions of the products.


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  1. I have never purchased anything from Yours Clothing because I'm so unsure about the sizing difference between UK and US plus sizes. Both pairs of jeans look super cute on you but I see what you mean about the bagginess at the front with the light colored pair.


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