Mini MAC Haul


For my leaving gift from my last job I was very kindly given a MAC gift card which gave me good enough reason to do a little shopping.

Over the last few years I have been lusting over 2 MAC products that seem to be always out of stock in store but I really want to test in person before buying online; Gold Deposit & Lustre Drops, so yet again off I went with the hopes of finding those two items.  Much to my dismay they did not have either despite them both being on display! #GoFigure

So...I consulted a sales rep who will be referred to as "MAC Lady" and asked her to assist me in finding a powder face product that I could use daily rather than a liquid product.  We wandered over to the liquid foundations *raised eyebrow* did she not hear me?? Where she proceeded to tell me that for the coverage I was looking for (at this point we had not discussed my coverage requirements so I figured she must be psychic!) Liquid foundation was a must.

Now I have no issues with a hard sale but if I ask for something specific please listen!
So after I had reiterated myself we finally managed to address the task in hand.

Some say I am lucky because I technically have a neutral undertone, I personally disagree I find it harder to match colours to me especially in MAC. Sometimes I have been told that I seem to have a very pink/red/gold undertone so I have been matched to NW (Neutral Warm) shades!? (I swear pink is cool?) I also have on occasion displayed cooler undertones which they indicated as yellow/blue (I could've sworn yellow was warm?!) leading reps to believe I should opt for NC (Neutral Cool) shades. Now I am no Pro on this matter so I am simply stating what I have been told and upon researching this I figured this was all wrong!!

In an attempt to gain further clarity, I tried the wrist vein test and that complicated matters further; one hand displayed blueish veins whilst the other seemed rather green! Like WTAF! Am I dead?

Anyways, I the MAC lady finally swatched the Studio Fix powder in an NW48 and came to the conclusion that this was the one and applied it to my entire face. It looked a little dark on first application but after an hour or so the colour seemed to settle and I was happy with the medium coverage it offered. 

After the ordeal of the powder debacle I found solace in the lipstick section and after swatching many shades I announced to the same MAC lady brimming with confidence that I would like the shade "Ruby Woo" in Matte to which her face dropped and she simply uttered..."but babe I don't think it's your colour!"

...oh honey.... I make you very wrong...

"I look FABULOUS...darling!"

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