The Perfect Occasion Maxi from Simply Be


I had been eyeing up this gorgeous number in the +Simply Be Catalogue for some time, but at the original price of £95.00 I just could not bring myself to press the "buy" button. 
Then the Christmas fairy sent me a gift... I got a voucher for money off and I managed to nab this number at a discounted price of £76.00 instead!

The colour is somewhere between royal blue and violet.  The top half is lace over a bodice and the skirt has a waterfall drop combined with a lovely embellishment at the middle to bring it all together.

The material is quite slinky, so I opted for shapewear underneath to hide any lumps/bumps.

I bought this in a size 20 although I would usually opt for a 22 for comfort and I am glad I didn't to be honest, the 22 would have been too big.  The arms fit nicely and no part feels too fitted,  

This dress makes me feel glam!

You can pick it up here; 
Joanna Hope - Lace Bodice Maxi Dress

It would be perfect for weddings or the more formal Christmas do's, but unfortunately mine is a casual affair this year and if I wore this I would be extremely overdressed! :(

Oh well...I will just have to organise an event to wear it to!

What do you think?

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  1. This is gorgeous :D The colour looks amazing on you, and it is such a pretty dress, I've never shopped at Simply be but I think I need to lol xxx

    1. Charlotte, they have some gorgeous items, get involved. You would totally rock some of their looks xx

  2. Wow, that dress is stunning! I love the colour. xx

    1. Thank you Hanna, it's such a gorgeous dress. I love it! xx

  3. Beautiful, and I love the color.

  4. This is just gorgeous darling! Seriously beautiful x


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