"Tell A Friend They're Fat" Day! ARE YOU FOR REAL??


Ok so when I heard about this, I dismissed it as baloney but it turns out it's true.

In all his weight-loss expertise, Steve Miller has branded 7th January "Tell A Friend They're Fat" Day in an attempt to promote weight loss between friends.

Umm, why would anyone feel comfortable & proud to point at a friend and pick on their insecurities, for whatever the end goal may be.  Does this not give people an accepted avenue to critisise each other in the name of "weight loss"  If every friend I have told me on Jan 7th that I am fat, firstly I would question whether they have been living under a rock for the last 13 years, like have you only today realised I'm a big girl!? Secondly, I would be so disheartened by the shame of everyone openly pointing out my flaws that I would probably spiral out of control and eat my body weight in doughnuts alone!

I can't see the logic.  

Your friends should accept you for who you are.  If they are worried about your weight for health reasons, then a good friend will find an acceptable method of helping their friend to lose weight, like perhaps suggest they pick up an exercise class together or they both could try opting for a salad this week just for "lols" instead of the burger, chips & side of onion rings!  In essence a friend should be able to talk to another friend on the level without having to resort to body shaming (cos that's essentially what it is, isn't it!)  Sometimes people need an intervention, yeah I get that, but why put people down to pick them back up?!

So there is a plus side to this... SLiNK magazine have teamed up with blogger; Kate London-James to envoke a new campaign; #YouAreFab

The campaign goal is to counter-act Steve's negative message and #spreadlove instead and I quote;

Let’s not start 2015 with bullying, let’s start it with positivity and confidence.   
(You can read the full story in the link above)

Just Tweet, Insta or FB your Curvy mate using the #YouAreFab hashtag and tell them why!

Now this movement I can advocate....YES...PREACH, SLiNK Magazine - this is the message we should be spreading LOVE not WAR!

We could also make 07/01/2015, National "Steve Miller is a Bully" Day!!  Maybe then he might change his stance??

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  1. The closest I'd come to that is telling a ghetto friend shes "phat" haha <3 Deffo a movement I'd advocate! PREACH INDEED!

    Lucie xx
    Fatbeautyx | Plus Size Fashion & Beauty Blogger & Vlogger

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    1. Phat; Totally acceptable - FAT; *shakes head* not so much! Xxx

  2. I've seen that man on a few TV programs and I find him extremely patronising. I'm all for Slink Magazines #youarefab idea though. Let's show him how wrong he actually is!! Xx

  3. I genuinely think its all a load of absolute rubbish! xxx

  4. (The tell a friend you're fat day, not Slink #YouAreFab of course, which is, FAB!) xxx

  5. What kind of fool even would think this was ok, if Steve was my mate I think I might be telling him to do one!

  6. He is so stupid to put this forward, people have enough insecurities in there life. #YouAreFab is amazing :D ill defo be doing it xxx


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