Racist comments hurt...PERIOD!


Over my 31 years on this planet I have had my fair share of insults & slurs based on the colour of my skin but each time it happens it never ceases to shock me.
So last night, on my way home from work I was walking down the stairs trying to exit the train station in my town and a woman barged passed me & the person next to me exclaiming to her husband (who was still behind me); "Uh, I was stuck behind these Scots & these Pakis."
Ok so firstly, I must make it clear the person next to me was clearly a Scottish man, he had quite a thick accent heard clearly when talking to his friend, so this was more of an observation than a slur as such.  However, as I was the only person of any ethnic origin in the immediate vicinity (and it was me that she barged passed) I deduced it was me that she was referring to as the "Paki." The poor woman was obviously in a rush because she practically ran off after making her comment.
I was in utter shock! So much so that all I could do was laugh quite loudly! In hindsight I should have said something back or questioned her but in that state of shock no words came to me, I was appalled!!
Her husband looked visibly disturbed by the comment and had that face as if he wished the ground would open and swallow him whole, but even when he passed me and we glanced at each other, he made no apology for his wife's racist comment.
Now I must also clarify that my descent is not from India, I have never set foot in India, let alone Pakistan.  My Mother is South African and my Father; Mauritian.  I was born in Mayday Hospital in Croydon!!
I understand that the colour of my skin may confuse people but what does that give people the right to make generalised racial about a person? Why comment at all?
RACISM IS UNECCESSARY! We are all Human! We all breathe, eat & shit!
What purpose did her comment serve, I mean to what end?  Simply cos the Scottish Man & I were in her way.  We were in front of her, is that a problem??
Have you ever been subjected to Racist comments?  How did they make you feel?

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  1. How rude? I'm black and my experience has always been people making my biracial. I'm sorry you experienced that. (Hugs)

    1. Thanks hun, it's frightening to think it's still going on even though we live in such a multi-cultural world! It's just not acceptable!

  2. What a horrible woman! I hope she gets coal for Christmas! xx


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