Ms Curvaceous UK - Ambassadors Dinner


Meeting the Ambassadors for the first time was kinda daunting. I guess meeting up with people for the first time always is. It felt kinda like a first date; I put my glad rags on, hair & make up did, teetering about in heels, butterflies inside but oh so excited.  I was eager to see the girls in person. We had spoken before but would be nice to put faces to names.

We met up in Leicester Square for some pizza. All the girls were stunning; striking looks & vivacious personalities to match.  We talked for hours, ate lots & really got to know each other. Unfortunately not everyone could make it to the dinner but that's fine cos we had our Ambassadors Photoshoot scheduled for the following day.

It was quite surreal, as a group we made quite an impression. We got a lot of stares from fellow dinners and staff and a few people even asked for selfies with us & add us on Instagram, some asked if we were famous & to be honest in that small moment it kinda felt like we were.
All round I had a great evening and I cannot wait to work with these ladies soon.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! We will be famous babe!! It's Claire btw.


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