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If you were to delve into my make up collection you would probably assume that (quite rightly so) I am totally in love with +MUAcosmeticsTV products. Their lipsticks are no exception. 

I initially started building my MUA lipstick family over a year ago.  At the time I had never worn a bright red lippy so I thought that I would ease myself in with a reasonably priced one rather than dishing out for an expensive one.  By first purchase would have been Shade 13; a gorgeously daring red.   I had picked it up from Superdrug at a steal of a price; just £1!  What a bargain!  The texture had quite a creamy consistency, far thicker than I had imagined for the price and I must admit, with it being such a low price I hadn't held out much hope.  I was blown away by the quality. The colour was highly pigmented & it had a gorgeous vanilla scent.  I imagined that it would dry out my lips but it was quite the opposite. My lips felt lovely and moisturised.  The staying power of the lippy was the only downfall, but when it only costs a pound you can reapply to your hearts content.  The packaging caught my eye, on the rack they looked far more expensive than the price tag.  It was only when I got home that I realised that the bottom of the lippy had a sample pot screwed into the bottom, This is quite a novel quirk, I'm not entirely sure what it was designed for, but it's a cool feature in my opinion.

I had instantly fallen in love.  So much so that the very next day I set my self a mission to buy every shade they offer.  Superdrug always seem to sell out both online & in store so quickly, so I haven't completed my collection, but it's a work in progress.

I would thoroughly recommend these lipsticks.  They are extremely good quality & impeccable value and the shades are beautiful.  There are definitely some which are not the best colours for me, but that won't stop my buying them all!

You can pick up these babies at ANY +Superdrug store, online via their website or via the MUA website directly.

Shade 1


Shade 3

Shade 7

Shade 8

Shade 9

Shade 13

Shade 16

Shades from left to right; Shade 16, Shade 13, Shade 9, Shade 8, Shade 7, Shade 3 & Shade 1

Have you got any of these lipsticks, what do you think of them?

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