Coastal Scents Palette "Revealed" :) *Review*


This palette is so versatile; it features a selection of both shimmer & matte shades which can create both subtle daytime looks as well as dramatic smokey eyes.

Many people have compared the shades in this palette to the Urban Decay Naked & Naked 2 palettes, claiming that Coastal Scents have managed to recreate rather viable dupes for many of the shades.  Unfortunately I haven't got either of the UD palettes to compare but I'll be honest I have seen many other blog reviews and from their swatches I would tend to agree.

I had been searching for a neutral palette that packs a punch in terms of pigments and variation of colours.  This baby does not disappoint!

You can pick up this palette directly via the CS website for a very attractive price; $19.95 (currently on sale) or even through Amazon for £25.00 with free delivery!

The outer cardboard packaging mirrors the palette; displaying the same image, the palette itself was wrapped in bubble wrap for added protection :)

CS didn't name the shades which in my opinion is a real shame. So I have numbered the shades for ease.

Numbers 1, 4, 5, 7, 11 & 17 are all matte shades.
All the other numbers have a shimmer to the shade.

I will try and describe the colours for you below;

1 - Matte - Beige
2 - Shimmer - Nude/Pink
3 - Shimmer - Dusky Pink
4 - Matte - Taupe
5 - Matte - Mushroom
6 - Shimmer - Mushroom
7 - Matte - Light Brown
8 - Shimmer - Light Copper
9 - Shimmer - Dark Gold
10 - Shimmer - Silver/Gold
11 - Matte - Black
12 - Shimmer - Grey/Silver
13 - Shimmer - Brown
14 - Shimmer - Rose Gold
15 - Shimmer - Pewter
16 - Shimmer - Red/Brown
17 - Matte - Dark Brown
18 - Shimmer - Dark Silver
19 - Shimmer - Bronze/Dark Gold
20 - Shimmer - Bronze

Here is a look I created using only this palette.  I used 7 as a base.  I layered 8 into the inner corner and smoked out using 13 & 11.  I used 4 and a dash of 2 as a brow bone highlight and finally 2 in my inner duct.

I added a splash of colour by adding +MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Lipstick lined with Cork lip liner.

I love this palette, it does make me wanna go by the UD Naked palettes just to see if they do dupe as easy as everyone says!  Honestly though, if you are looking for a good collection of nudes & shimmer shades then this baby is just the ticket!  I'm actually dreading hitting pan on this one!!

Have you tried this palette?  What did you think?  

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