Every BODY is Beautiful


These days the media puts such pressure on us to conform to what is seen to be physically acceptable or desired.

Different strokes for different folks though...so what one person dislikes, another might crave.
Every single one of us in this world is unique and our differences make us interesting and something to be celebrated.

People deserve the right to enjoy life regardless of their weight, size, height, colour, age, sexual orientation, religion etc.

The Rubenesque Effect is a group of 8 plus size models (of which I am one.)  Together, we are striving to promote body confidence, self love and acceptance of the body you are blessed with.
This world is filled with too much hate, so we wanted to celebrate with positivity.

When we saw the Victoria Secrets shot promoting "The Perfect Body" it got us thinking that perhaps that slogan could've been more inclusive of all bodies, because what one person considers perfect may not be the same in the next person's eyes.

So...we shot this...


Follow us on our journey...

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