Girl of the Day - Team Plus Size UK


What an utter honour to be featured as "Girl of the Day" for Team Plussize UK.

This team holds values that are very close to my heart so I am happy to support their movement, after all we are all working towards a common goal and that is to promote Body Confidence to people of all sizes.  As one voice we  may not be heard but together we can start a revolution!


Representing all my avenues - I love this journey!

+Miss British Beauty Curve , Model XL, The Rubenesque Effect, +Ms Curvaceous UK 

Photographer: Tendai Pottinger Photographer​
Modelling: +Scarlett Jo

"Kat Henry 31 yr old Croydon born, living in Surrey. for the last 5 years.
I work full time for a law firm in the City and have a 14 yr old daughter.
I am currently representing my county as Ms Surrey Curve 2015 in Miss British Beauty Curve.
I am an Ambassador for Ms Curvaceous UK; a plus size modelling company and signed to Model XL. I am a member of The Rubenesque Effect. I also run a blog called "The World Through Kat's Eyes" incorporating my love for music, beauty, fashion, food & wellness."

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