+Debz A suggested another fabulous way of sending out some more #psbloggerlove & further extend that love today to the whole of the plus size community.  All day there have been posts & tweets about fellow bloggers & non-bloggers alike celebrating the outfits we love seeing each other wearing.

I couldn't possibly highlight one person, so I have picked a few blogger ladies who I feel really inspire me daily to push my boundaries fashion-wise and I want to show you some of my fave pics of them.

First up... Sam...
This dress is gorgeous and you are totally rocking it. Those curves! DAMN!

Tanya - you are an utter babe and I think everything you wore on holiday really complimented you.  I think this dress is gorgeous and you look amazing, as ever

Kathryn - Every item you tried on in the Simply Be store really suited you, especially this dress. Such a beauty xx

Hayley - Missy, this outfit is smokin' hot!  You are werking this look!  LOVE it!

Sarah - I'm super glad you chose this dress for your occasion because it really highlights your curves, You look ravishing! 

Sara, you look positively gorgeous in this dress - you always look beautiful though! xx

Caroline - choosing one pic was just too hard with you... Everything you wear accentuates your perfect shape, I am always so envious!  You look stunning in every photo!

Kat - I'm so glad you bought this dress, it really compliments your figure and I think the colours go really well with your hair!  Gorgeous gal xx

Lolly - this dress is divine and you look beautiful in it! 

Hollie - you are such a beauty - this dress is fab hun x

Katie - this outfit is really pretty just like you, I love the style of the top and you look gorgeous xx

Steph - another difficult choice as you are like my style guru - I've never seen you wear something that I haven't instantly wanted to buy! You are too gorgeous for words - love all of these!

Hannah, you are rocking this outfit, I love the skirt :) 

Georgina - another toughie, stop being so bloody beautiful. I love your style but I love these outfits!

Lucie - my darling girl you are always on point with your outfits and these ones are deffo some of my faves, you're too cute!

Mayah, my girl!  My body con sister - these outfits are beautiful and of course my fave dress needed to make an appearance. You are such a beauty xx

Lucia - you inspire me daily, everything you wear rocks and you always manage to look flawless from your hair, to the outfit & make-up.  You are a sensational beauty xx

Debz - I think you look bloody fantastic in these outfits. Has anyone ever told you that your smile really lights up a room?  

 Katherine, all three of these dresses look gorgeous on you - you are such a beautiful lady x


Last but by no means least...Leah - you will continue to be my style inspiration.  I love all of these outfits, I think you look fab in every single one.  xx

All of these ladies exude confidence and are radiantly beautiful.  Thank you for inspiring me xx

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  1. What a fantastic post! Thank you so much for including me in this list of gorgeous babes <3

  2. Thank you for featuring me! What a great post x


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