PS Bloggers Meet Up - Birmingham


Firstly - I would like to apologise...I had not realised that this post did not publish as scheduled back in March!!

Meeting these lovely ladies on 28th March was such a blast.

Nikki of +Natty Nikki very kindly organised a plus size blogger meet up in Birmingham which I jumped at the chance of going to.  Ok, so it's a bit of a trek from London to Birmingham, but I do not regret it one bit.  After all what more could you ask for; shopping, food & the opportunity to spend the day with PS Blogger babes.

I was nervous on the train going up; meeting new people, worried whether I would be welcomed given that many of these ladies are pro's at the blogging game!  All my fears were dispelled meeting them, each lady had a warm, welcoming persona, which made me feel completely at ease.

We grabbed some food whilst waiting for everyone to arrive and then we hit the shops!

I was a +Yours Clothing virgin - having never been into a store.  I was pleasantly surprised by the array of items on display, I tried on quite a few dresses all which made me feel fabulous.  I picked up a lovely long line cardi/throw which I haven't got a pic of as I am saving it for a special occasion.

We headed off to +Evans Clothing to storm their changing rooms!  Lord help anyone else in store that day, I'm pretty sure they weren't prepared for 7 ladies cavorting around the dressing room taking crazy selfies!

We all picked up a pair of the sought after "Ultra Stretch Skinny Jeans" in varying lengths & sizes and all tried them on together.  I loved the fit of these, they hugged me in the right places and accentuated the curves, it was love at first sight for me!

Next we raided the +Scarlett Jo section and each picked a few dresses to try.  I tried these two;

I had never tried on anything like these style of dresses; I was pleasantly surprised with the cut, fit and how girly they made me feel. The inner lining of these dresses were extremely fitted, which in hindsight, I reckon this was designed like this for a reason (to suck everything in) but it definitely made for an interesting vision of me trying to actually get them on! I think at one point I managed to get into the dress, without actually being inside the lining at all! So confused!  If I were to rock these dresses, I would totally wear shapewear to give my silhouette a more defined outline, but all in all I loved these.

All the ladies looked fabulous in their outfits, I know that opinions were mixed on the shapes and cuts but it was so much fun trying them all on together and getting some honest opinions on how they looked from women who really understood how difficult it can be to find clothes to compliment our figures.

I think we were all pooped after all the dressing room madness, but we wandered around to Lush and MAC and a few other places but after everyone had said their goodbyes I had some time to kill before my train back home, so Lottie & I got a cuppa in Costa.  

Meeting Lottie was the highlight of my day - she met me from the train when I arrived and stayed with me until I went home. I have been following Lottie on Instagram for a while, so when I found out I would finally meet her, I was super excited.  We got on so well, she is such a lovely lady and someone who I now consider a good friend.  Since I started following her, I have seen her come out of her shell and really push boundaries with her clothing and make up and that is so empowering to see.  Her confidence is growing and she is really starting to shine, I am so proud of her.

I cannot wait to meet these ladies again for more fun-filled shopping sessions!

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