Body Positive Dance


Dancing for me is like oxygen...

I have always enjoyed dance since I was a little girl.  It sends off all those fab little endorphins all over me and lights me up like a Christmas tree... I love it!

When I saw the first Body Positive Dance class with Ashleigh P Owen advertised, I was beside myself.  A dance class...with no restrictions or expectations on fitness level or body shape/size...could it be??

Unfortunately the first class clashed with other arrangements, but I made a promise to book for number 2.  

I am so glad I did, the class was full of babes, each uniquely different. Some faces I knew from the plus-size community, others I didn't but it made no odds, we instantly gelled and it felt like a night out with old friends.

Ashleigh is a fantastic teacher and so patient, happy to drill the choreography again till we all had picked it up.

I had a tonne of fun and cannot wait for the next class.

You can check out the video of the routine to Rupaul's - Cover Girl/Sissy That Walk here!

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