Jumpsuits for ALL!


Miss Laura of "What Laura Loves" suffered some awful treatment recently following +Simply Be posting a link to one of her recent blog posts in which she is reviewing one of their beautiful jumpsuits.
I was shocked & saddened by the harsh words that some our fellow plus size beauties were using to justify what they described as "honesty" & "constructive criticism" towards Laura's choice of outfit. Some just commented on the fact that the jumpsuit didn't suit her or did nothing for her but the words were harsh and sometimes just plain mean! Regardless of your opinion you are commenting on someone's appearance therefore people's feelings come into play.
I am pro-opinions but there is a way of saying things to people which doesn't cause unnecessary hurt. All opinions are valid, but have you ever stopped to think how the person on the receiving end feels about your opinion. Freedom of speech is a powerful thing - but it also provides an easy way to hide behind that very same saying.  

Maybe Laura didn't want our opinions, maybe she felt good in what she was wearing and wanted to share that or what's more maybe she just wanted to review the blinkin' jumpsuit!?
Hearing people tear strips off her was not nice, it wasn't kind and what did it achieve....nothing!  So why do it?
Personally, I think Laura looked fabulous in her jumpsuit, her hair and makeup complimented her mega watt smile and she should have been seen as an inspiration to all PS ladies out there by showing that we can wear whatever the hell we want and still look damn fabulous. So, in support of her I asked a bunch of Plus Size Blogger & Model babes to share some of their jumpsuit/playsuit pictures to prove that this fashion item is not solely for the slim figured beauties but for ALL!
We are all rocking our curves in these outfits and we are unashamed of how society sees us. We feel beautiful therefore we ARE beautiful...
#wearethethey & we love a jumpsuit!!
Big thanks to the following beauties for sharing their gorgeous pics with us;
Lucie Fapoosy
Claire Hynes
Sarah Doyle
Becky Brown
Sam Rowswell
Lottie Moor
Lisa Bohm
Betty Pamper
Lucy Earnshaw
Laura Ferry

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  1. Love this post, and love this girl! So many super babes in this post - and its so true to say #wearethethey and we look stunning! xx

  2. Looking great ladies.


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